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Zandvoort, the iconic seaside resort on the Dutch coast, is known for its beautiful beaches and lively atmosphere. But do you know what makes this destination truly unique? The incredible selection of beach bars! These pavilions not only provide a place to relax and enjoy the view, but also to enjoy delicious food, refreshing drinks and all kinds of fun activities.

Whether you are looking for a place to sunbathe, have lunch or simply relax with friends and family, Zandvoort's beach bars have something for everyone. But with so many options, how do you choose the best? Don't worry, we have sorted it out for you! Read on to discover our selection of beach bars in Zandvoort.

What makes a great beach tent?

A great beach bar is more than just a place to hide from the sun. It's about the combination of atmosphere, food and drinks, service and facilities that make the experience truly unforgettable. A good beach bar should have a relaxed and inviting atmosphere, with comfortable seating and beautiful views of the sea.

In addition, the menu should offer a diverse selection of delicious dishes and drinks, from classic beach snacks to refined cuisine. And of course, friendly and attentive service is a must to ensure guests feel welcome and well cared for. Many top beach bars also offer extra facilities such as sun loungers, parasols, and even activities such as yoga classes on the beach or live music.

Why Zandvoort is the ultimate destination for beach bars

Zandvoort is not just a seaside resort - it is the ultimate destination for beach lovers and pavilion goers. With its wide, sandy beaches and crystal clear water, Zandvoort offers a breathtakingly beautiful natural environment. But what really sets this place apart is its lively and bustling atmosphere.

Zandvoort's boulevard is filled with cozy terraces, shops and of course, an impressive selection of beach bars. Whether you are looking for a place to relax and enjoy the view, or are looking for a little more action and entertainment, there is something for everyone in Zandvoort. And with the many events and festivities that take place here, such as the annual Culinair aan Zee festival, there is always something to do.

Selection of the best beach bars in Zandvoort

Now that you know what makes a beach bar so special and why Zandvoort is the ultimate destination, it's time to take a closer look at our selection of the crème de la crème. We have listed the absolute best for you, from trendy beach clubs to family-friendly pavilions.

Beach club Thalassa

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Beach club Thalassa is an oasis of peace and relaxation on the beach of Zandvoort. This modern, minimalist beach bar exudes the atmosphere of a luxury wellness resort, with a focus on health, balance and inner peace. From organic smoothies to yoga on the beach, at Thalassa everything revolves around your well-being.

Atmosphere and appearance

Step inside Thalassa and you immediately feel a sense of peace come over you. The interior is sleek and minimalist, with lots of white, natural materials and green accents. Large windows let in plenty of natural light and offer panoramic sea views, while comfortable seating areas invite you to relax.

The atmosphere at Thalassa is calm and serene, with soft background music and the sound of waves in the background. It is the perfect place to escape the hustle and bustle of everyday life and take time for yourself. Whether you come for a healthy lunch, a relaxing yoga session or just a moment of silence, you will find the peace you are looking for at Thalassa.

Menu and specialities

Thalassa's menu is all about healthy, pure and organic food. Expect fresh, plant-based dishes, superfood smoothies and bowls, and light fish dishes. Everything is prepared with local, organic, high-quality ingredients.

Some specialties are:

  • Buddha Bowl: a colorful bowl full of vegetables, quinoa, hummus and avocado
  • Spirulina Smoothie: an energy kick from banana, mango, coconut and spirulina
  • Seaweed salad: a light, mineral-rich salad with wakame, cucumber and sesame dressing

In addition to a selection of healthy teas and organic coffee, Thalassa also offers a selection of biodynamic wines and craft beers. And for the ultimate relaxation, be sure to try one of the CBD-infused drinks!

Drink Description
CBD Matcha Latte Soothing matcha latte with a dose of CBD
Turmeric Tonic Anti-inflammatory tonic with turmeric and ginger
Adaptogenic Elixir Stress-reducing mix of adaptogenic herbs and honey

Facilities and activities

Thalassa is more than just a beach bar - it is a complete wellness experience. Guests can enjoy:

  • Daily yoga and meditation sessions on the beach
  • Massages and beauty treatments
  • Health workshops and lectures
  • Eco-friendly beach facilities such as bamboo sunbeds and natural sunscreen

In addition, Thalassa also regularly organizes special events and retreats, such as:

  • Full moon meditation evenings
  • Detox weekends with juice cleanses and yoga sessions
  • Mindfulness and stress management workshops
  • Vegetarian cooking classes and fermentation workshops

At Beach Club Thalassa you will experience how relaxing a day at the beach can be - for body and mind. It is the perfect place to refuel, reset and regain balance. Come recharge your batteries at this wellness oasis by the sea!

Beach Club Branding

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Beach Club Branding is the place where vibrant city life and a relaxed beach atmosphere come together. This trendy, contemporary beach bar brings the cool of Amsterdam to the coast of Zandvoort. With its sleek design, hip crowd and exciting event calendar, Branding is the beating heart of Zandvoort's nightlife.

Atmosphere and appearance

Step inside Branding and you will feel like you are in a chic club in the city. The interior is sleek and modern, with lots of white, glass and steel. Neon lights, graphic prints and urban art give it a cool, edgy look. Large windows offer views of the beach and sea, while the spacious terrace is the perfect place to see and be seen.

In the evening, Branding transforms into a true party tent, with exciting beats, spectacular light shows and an exciting mix of locals and tourists. The atmosphere is electric and exuberant - exactly what you expect from a prime location like this. Put on your dancing shoes and let yourself be carried away by the energy of Branding!

Menu and specialities

Branding's menu is as hip and international as the crowd. Expect creative sharing plates, trendy street food and surprising cocktails. Everything is prepared with fresh, high-quality ingredients and served in a beautiful, Instagram-worthy presentation.

Some must-tries are:

  • Sushi Tacos: fusion sushi in a crispy taco shell, served with wasabi mayonnaise
  • Rendang Bitterballen: Indian rendang with a Dutch twist, with spicy chili sauce
  • Unicorn Toast: colorful toast with sprinkles, rainbow cream cheese and glitter

Of course, Branding also has an extensive drinks menu, with trendy cocktails, premium spirits and champagnes. Order a bottle for your table and pop the cork - let the party begin!

Cocktail Description
Smokey Margarita Margarita with a smoky twist of mezcal
Bubble Mule Moscow Mule with sparkling prosecco and elderflower
Glitter Martini Classic martini with a festive glitter twist

Facilities and activities

Branding is all about experience and entertainment. Guests can enjoy:

  • Luxury beach beds and cabanas
  • Infinity pool with sea views
  • Beach volleyball courts and tournaments
  • Silent disco on the beach

But that's not all - Branding is known for its spectacular events and theme parties, such as:

  • Full Moon Parties with international DJs
  • White Parties and Color Runs
  • Fashion Shows and Product Launches
  • Culinary theme evenings with top chefs

Hey, do you want an unforgettable beach experience? Look no further than Beachclub Branding. With its hip appearance, exciting events and exuberant atmosphere, this is the place to be for anyone who loves a good party. Whether you come to sunbathe, dance or dine, you can experience it all at Branding. See you on the dance floor!

Beach pavilion Paal 69

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Looking for that ultimate holiday feeling? Welcome to Beach pavilion Paal 69 - your own tropical paradise on the Dutch coast. With its colorful, bohemian decor, relaxed reggae vibes and delicious Caribbean cuisine, you will feel like you are on a sunny island far away from the everyday grind.

Atmosphere and appearance

It is always summer at Paal 69. The interior is an explosion of bright colors, with lots of pink, turquoise and yellow. Thatched parasols, hammocks and tropical plants give the place a laid-back, bohemian look. Cheerful streamers, lanterns and flags flutter in the sea breeze and create a festival atmosphere.

In the background there are swinging reggae beats and the laughter of relaxed guests. The smell of sunscreen, BBQ and coconut oil complete the holiday feeling. At Paal 69 you can't help but relax, smile and enjoy the good life under the sun.

Menu and specialities

The Paal 69 menu brings the flavors of the Caribbean to Zandvoort. Expect spicy dishes, tropical fruits and lots of rum. Everything fresh, tasty and full of flavor - just like on a bounty island.

Some recommendations are:

  • Jamaican Jerk Chicken: spicy marinated BBQ chicken, served with rice 'n peas
  • Tropical Poké Bowl: sushi rice with marinated salmon, mango, avocado and lime-coconut dressing
  • Pina Colada Cheesecake: creamy coconut-pineapple cheesecake with a rum topping

Of course, Paal 69 also has an extensive selection of tropical cocktails, fresh juices and ice cold Caribbean beers. Order a meter of cocktails for the edge of the pool and you will feel like you are in Saint Tropez!

Cocktail Description
Flamingo Mojito Pink mojito with strawberries, lime and fresh mint
Blue Lagoon Azure blue mix of vodka, blue curaçao and sprite
Caribbean Mule Tropical version of the Moscow Mule, with pineapple and coconut

Facilities and activities

At Paal 69 you will experience the real bounty island feeling. Guests can enjoy:

  • A large swimming pool with hot tub and pool bar
  • Open-air massage with sea views
  • Free use of snorkel sets, kayaks and SUP boards
  • Discount on surfing and kitesurfing lessons

In addition, Paal 69 also organizes many great events and activities, such as:

  • Weekly Pool Parties with live DJs
  • Reggae concerts and Caribbean dance shows
  • Cocktail workshops and rum tastings
  • Beach Clean Ups and yoga on the beach

Ready for some tropical holiday vibes? At Strandpaviljoen Paal 69 you will experience the ultimate bounty island feeling - without having to travel far. Between the swaying palm trees, swinging beats and colorful cocktails, you'll feel like you're in the Caribbean. So put on your summer dress or Hawaiian shirt and come enjoy this feel-good paradise by the sea. Aloha!

Factors to consider when choosing a beach tent

Choosing the perfect beach bar can be a challenge, especially if you are not familiar with the area. But don't worry - we're here to help! When choosing a beach tent, there are a few important factors to keep in mind.

First, think about the location. Do you want a tent close to the center of Zandvoort, or do you prefer a more remote place? Take into account things like parking, public transport and the distance to other facilities such as shops and toilets.

Second, consider the menu. Does the beach bar offer the dishes and drinks that you like? Is there enough variety? Are there options for special dietary needs such as vegetarian, vegan or gluten-free? A look at the menu can tell you a lot about the style and quality of the place.

Location and accessibility

As they say in real estate: location, location, location! The location of a beach bar can make a big difference in your overall experience. Tents closer to the center are often easier to reach by public transport or on foot, but can also be busier and noisier.

More remote tents often offer more peace and privacy, but can be harder to get to, especially if you're carrying a lot of gear. Check whether the tent has parking spaces nearby, or is easy to reach by bike or public transport.

Transport Advantages Cons
Car Easy for large groups or families Can be expensive to park, environmental impact
Bicycle Healthy, environmentally friendly, often free parking Limited distance, difficult with a lot of stuff
Public transport Cheap, environmentally friendly Can be busy, not always close to the beach

Value for money

Nobody wants to pay too much for a day at the beach - but you don't want to compromise on quality either. When assessing the value for money of a beach tent, there are a few things to look out for:

  • Are the prices for food and drinks reasonable compared to other places in the area?
  • Is the portion size in proportion to the price?
  • Are there any special offers or discounts available?
  • Are extras such as sun loungers and parasols included or at an extra cost?

Remember - sometimes it can be worth paying a little more for a tent with a great atmosphere, friendly service or unique amenities. But it's always good to compare your options and stay within your budget.

Customer service and hospitality

Nothing can ruin a day at the beach like bad service. When choosing a beach tent, pay attention to reviews and ratings from previous customers. Are they positive about the friendliness and helpfulness of the staff? Are special requests or complaints handled properly?

You can also pay attention to the overall atmosphere and ambiance of the tent. Does it feel warm and inviting, or cool and impersonal? Are the employees smiling and appearing to be happy? These little details can say a lot about the level of hospitality you can expect.


So there you have it - our ultimate guide to Zandvoort's top 10 beach bars! We've taken you on a journey through the best places to eat, drink, relax and have fun on the Dutch coast.

Summary of the top 10 beach bars

From the traditional charm of De Zandkrab to the tropical vibes of Paal 69, there is a beach bar for every taste and mood. We have classic seafood restaurants like Club Nautique, trendy hotspots like Branding, and everything in between. Whether you are looking for live music, water sports, wellness or just a good meal, you will find it all in our top 10.

But remember - these are just our personal favorites! There are many more beautiful tents to discover along the coast of Zandvoort, each with their own unique atmosphere and offer. We encourage you to do your own research and find your own favorites.

Why a visit to a beach bar in Zandvoort is worthwhile

A visit to a beach bar in Zandvoort is more than just a meal - it is a complete experience. It's the chance to escape the hustle and bustle of everyday life and enjoy all the good things the coast has to offer - sun, sea, sand and delicious food. Whether you're planning a day with friends, a romantic date or a family outing, a beach bar provides the perfect setting. You can laze in the sun, swim in the sea, play on the beach and enjoy refreshing drinks and tasty snacks in between.

But a beach bar is more than just a place - it's a feeling. It's the feeling of sand between your toes, salt on your skin and the sun on your face. It is the sound of children laughing, waves lapping and glasses clinking. It is the taste of fresh fish, cold cocktails and the sweetness of ice cream. It's the essence of a perfect beach day, packed into one unforgettable destination.

We hope our guide has inspired you to start your own beach tent adventure. And don't forget - there is no wrong choice when it comes to Zandvoort's beach bars. 

We hope you enjoyed this look at the vibrant life in Zandvoort. For more stories, tips and local insights, stay ZandvoortToday explore. Don't forget to share your favorite articles with friends and join the conversation on our social media channels. Until next time, keep discovering the unique flavors and experiences that make our city special.