Top 10 nicest beach bars on the coast in Zandvoort

Top 10 nicest beach bars on the coast in Zandvoort.

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Zandvoort, known for its beautiful beaches and lively atmosphere, offers a wide range of beach bars, each with their own unique story and charm. Whether you are looking for a relaxing place to enjoy the sunset, a vibrant location for an evening out or an attractive environment for a romantic dinner, Zandvoort's beach bars have something for everyone.

In this article we take you through the top 10 nicest beach bars on the coast of Zandvoort. From hip hotspots to quiet spots with a relaxed atmosphere, we have listed the best locations for you. Read on and discover your new favorite beach bar in Zandvoort!

10. Venti Beach

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Venti Beach is one of the newest additions to the Zandvoort coast. They are open all day seven days a week, from 10am, for breakfast, lunch and dinner. What makes Venti Beach special is that they work with fresh products and almost everything is homemade. Their homemade apple crumble pie is an absolute must! In addition to the tasty dishes, Venti Beach is also known for the fun events they organize. For example, you can watch the Dutch-France European Championship match live with them on June 21, 2024.

9. Far Out

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Also with Far Out From June 14, you can watch almost all European Championship matches in a separate room. How fun! The relaxed atmosphere and Ibiza vibes make this beach bar special. Although the food is on the pricey side, it is absolutely delicious. The interior and terrace exude a real Ibiza atmosphere and the staff is also very friendly. Far Out also offers beach and lounge beds. You can book this in advance on their website, so that you are assured of a comfortable sun session.

8. Phosphorus

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although Phosphorus is about a twenty-minute walk from the end of the boulevard, but that certainly does not alter the fact that it is a top tent. At Fosfor you can relax and enjoy an affordable meal. We always like to come here on a warm day for a nice bite to eat or a drink. The staff always provides excellent service and creates a pleasant atmosphere.

7. Nius

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Nius is one of our favorite places to have a drink in the evening. Whenever we come here, there is a relaxed atmosphere and the drinks are always top notch. In addition to drinks, you can go to Nius for all kinds of things: whether you want breakfast, lunch or dinner. The desserts are also really tasty. What makes Nius extra special is that they are open all year round. So even in winter you can enjoy the cozy and relaxed beach bar atmosphere here.

6. Tijn Akersloot

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Bee Tijn Akersloot can do anything; whether you want to have breakfast, have a nice drink, come and have dinner or rent a beach bed. If it really becomes beach weather again this summer, we definitely recommend renting a beach bed from Tijn Akersloot. They offer luxury beach beds including service. Lying under a parasol with a delicious cocktail and a snack, who wouldn't want that? If you don't feel like doing this, you can always opt for a simple folding bed. What makes Tijn Akersloot extra special is the cozy atmosphere, the good cuisine and the beautiful view. Thanks to the many windows, sliding doors and wide terraces, you have a sea view everywhere.

5. Hippie Fish

Hippie Fish Zandvoort

Hippie Fish is a super hip, unique beach bar where you can go every day from 9 am for a relaxed breakfast, a delicious lunch and an extensive dinner with your feet in the sand. They have delicious dishes on the menu, such as tuna steak, burrata and various bowls. Hippie Fish also has a cozy beach bar where you can enjoy a snack and a drink.

A handy tip: don't feel like standing in line? Then order via their website. Your drinks are immediately ready at the bar and you will receive a text message when your food is ready to be picked up.

4. Ubuntu

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Two tents next to Hippie Fish you will find it stylish Ubuntu. Although there are many positive points about Ubuntu, we think the all-day breakfast is a real asset to the beach. In addition to this breakfast option, they also have other delicious dishes on the menu, such as risotto, a classic beef burger and various vegetarian and vegan options. The cocktails at Ubuntu are also certainly a reason to keep coming back. They also have a nice beach bar at Ubuntu. You can also order here via their website. Your drinks will be ready immediately and you will receive a text message when your food can be picked up.

3. Noosa

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If you are looking for a beach bar for a delicious shared dining, then you have come to the right place Noosa at the right place. The friendly staff, delicious dishes and relaxed atmosphere make Noosa a top choice. We like to come here for a bite to eat and to drink their delicious cocktails. Although shared dining can often be expensive, it is not that bad at Noosa. On average you pay 15 euros per dish and three to four dishes are enough for two people.

2. Woodstock

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If you follow Zandvoorttoday on Instagram, you already knew that Woodstock scored high on our list of the top 10 nicest beach bars on the coast in Zandvoort. Although Woodstock is best known for its great parties, they also have a restaurant with special bites, both cold and hot dishes and delicious drinks. For example, you can order a whole jug of some cocktails, such as their delicious Frozen Pornstar Martini. What makes Woodstock extra special is their unique atmosphere and various events. Whether you want to relax or go wild, Woodstock offers an unforgettable experience!

1. ZIZO Lounge

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although ZIZO Lounge is the only restaurant in this top 10 that is not directly on the beach, its place at number one is certainly deserved. Located in the Palace Hotel, this is a true sushi heaven. Here you can enjoy high quality sushi for a fair price. ZIZO Lounge not only offers fantastic sushi and shared dining dishes, but also an extensive selection of drinks and cocktails. They also have extremely professional staff who really make you feel seen. What's also super cool is that you can ask for dry ice with your sushi dishes, which provides an extra luxurious experience.

Name Beach Tent Unique Features
Venti Beach Fresh products, home-made dishes such as apple crumble pie
Far Out Ibiza vibes, pricey but delicious food, beach and lounge beds
Phosphorus Affordable meals, relaxed atmosphere
Nius Nice for drinks, open all year round
Tijn Akersloot Breakfast, cocktails under umbrellas, beach bed rental
Hippie Fish Hip atmosphere, tuna steak and burrata, online ordering possible
Ubuntu Stylish, all day breakfast, vegetarian and vegan options
Noosa Shared dining, friendly staff, affordable prices
Woodstock Known for parties, unique cocktails like Frozen Pornstar Martini
ZIZO Lounge Luxury sushi options, located in Palace Hotel


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