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PHOSPHORUS: HIP BEACH TENT IN THE MIDDLE OF NATURE Beach pavilion Phosphorus is special because you can only get here by walking on the beach, by bike through the dunes or with your SUP on the water. It is the last beach bar on the South Beach. This really makes you feel like you're in a different world here. And the beach tent itself is also very nice!

DEER, SEALS AND SEA SPARK PhosphorusBeach tentsZandvoortZuidstrand2 960w

Phosphorus is located outside the hustle and bustle of Zandvoort. Surrounded by the North Sea, the Waterleidingduinen and the starry sky in the evening, you are in the middle of nature. You can see deer walking in the dunes behind the beach bar. You can spot seals or porpoises in the sea. And – if you are lucky – you will see the sea turn fluorescent blue. This special natural phenomenon - sea sparkle - is caused by algae and only occurs on windless evenings with a calm sea. And in Zandvoort often only on the South Beach. Hence the name Phosphorus.

SMALL SCALE AND PERSONAL Phosphorus2BSeach tents2BZandvoort2B4 960w

At Phosfor you are really in another world. The tranquility of nature and the panoramic view in combination with a nice, relaxed, small-scale and personal beach bar. You are looking for a nice spot on one of the beach beds, on the loungers with your feet in the sand, or on the terrace. Enjoy gazing at the horizon... You will notice that you immediately relax here. Due to the small scale, the atmosphere is immediately good and you have nice personal contact with the owners. In the evening, a fire is built - outside or inside - and it often happens that one of the guests picks up the guitar.


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In this beautiful authentic beach tent you can also sit inside when the weather is bad, at the tables or in the corner by the fireplace. The interior is beachy, natural – beautiful dune grasses – and a bit hippie-style. Everywhere you see things that the owners brought back from their travels through Asia and Africa. Beautiful masks, dream catchers and Indian feathers. The current owner is living his dream here. He worked at this beach club years ago, until he got the chance to take over and rebuild it entirely in his own style.


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While you completely relax, enjoy a (non-alcoholic) beer, wine (often personally brought by the owners from South Africa, for example) or summer water and order delicious beach food. Gamba's piri piri, burrata, a vegetarian curry, a beautiful fish (sea bass) or a chioggia beet carpaccio with feta. The owner cooks himself (and very well!) and only with fresh ingredients that he gets from his regular addresses, for example at the fish auction in IJmuiden.

BEACH TENT FOR EVERYONE Phosphorus 2Bbeach tents 2BZandvoort 2B8 bdc25c64 960w

Phosphorus is on the nudist beach. If you want, you can sunbathe naked on the beds on the beach. Everything else is simply 'dressed'. Before the current owners took over the beach bar five years ago, it was more focused on the LGBT scene. Now that is no longer specifically the case – the rainbow flag is no longer there – but of course everyone is welcome. So you see all kinds of people here: young, old, tourists, locals, walkers, beach bikers, SUPpers. Everyone has in common that they are looking for a special place on the beach, where they can be themselves.


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You have to make a little effort to get there, but it is all worth it. It is most convenient to park your bicycle or car at the end of the boulevard (at Tijn Akersloot/Havanna). From there you can walk across the beach to Fosfor – the last beach bar – in 15 minutes. From the station it is about a 25-minute walk. Easy to do, especially if you enjoy walking on the beach. By bike you dive into the dunes at the end of the boulevard, then it is a 5-minute cycle to 'Avenue Fosfor' (Strandafgang Zuiderduin 1-7). Just climb over the dune… and then you're there! Must-go this summer!   PHOSPHORUS Beach exit Zuiderduin 7 - Zuidstrand Open for breakfast, lunch and dinner (during the beach season from 9:00 am)