Living in a beach house

Why does she do that?


Every summer Merel Brons moves from Team Love from Zandvoort her entire household from Haarlem to her beach house in Zandvoort. She then lives all summer with her husband and two children on 25 m2. While she has a wonderfully spacious house in Haarlem. Why does she do that? She explains it in the video below. 

The video was made by Robin Gianna, also from Team Liefs from Zandvoort. Robin has been living in Zandvoort for a few years, runs the guesthouse Tiny Paradise and has a video production agency. She works a lot for various clients in Amsterdam and the rest of the Netherlands, but would like to work more in Zandvoort. You can ask her for promotional videos, event videos, content for Social Media or a complete rebranding process.

Robin Gianna - video productions:

Guest house: