Formula 1 in Zandvoort

Fun for racing enthusiasts


Formula 1 fever has now broken out in Zandvoort. We are working hard everywhere to get everything finished before May 2020. 35 days before Formula 1, the village is already being transformed into a real Formula 1 village under the name 'Zandvoort Beyond' and find there Side Events places around Formula 1, not only about racing, but also about sustainability, art and culture and a lot for kids. But you can also experience the Formula 1 feeling all year round. Below are a few tips. Nice to take racing enthusiasts.   

BERNIES BAR & KITCHEN AT THE TARZAN BENDBerniesBar26KitchenZandvoort 960w

The beauty lies on the Zandvoort Circuit Bernie's Bar & Kitchen. Now only open for groups and during racing events. Special location if you have something to celebrate, for a team outing or for a presentation. From here you can see the circuit (the famous Tarzan bend) and the stands. A beautiful chic location where the champagne is cold. 


The new holiday park of Qurios in Zandvoort is located directly on the Zandvoort Circuit and here you can stay in a real 'Grand Prix' Cottage. During the construction of the park, careful attention was paid to the 'Soul of Zandvoort', of which the circuit is of course really a part of. That is why you can also find a 'Grand Prix' cottage in the park. You can view the circuit from this cottage! And inside and outside it is completely decorated in the style of the Historic Grand Prix, complete with original Martini Striping. But the coolest thing is that in one of the rooms there is a complete racing set for two people to play racing gamesREAD MORE ABOUT QURIOS ZANDVOORT HERE

BEACH TENT ON THE CIRCUITDutchGrandPrixLoungeCircuitZandvoort 960w

In the middle of it Circuit of Zandvoort, on top of a dune, is the Dutch Grand Prix Lounge or the Founders Lounge. The lounge is the former Bloomingdale beach club. Bloomingdale will be setting up a completely new pavilion in Bloemendaal aan Zee in the spring of 2020. And the old pavilion is now here. A beach bar on the circuit, Zandvoort at its best! Now only available for rent for events (as in the photo: for a mountain bike race), team outings or presentations.Dutch2BGrand2BPrix2BLounge2BCircuit2BZandvoort 960w

From the Dutch Grand Prix Lounge you have a nice view of the circuit. A great place to watch a race or experience the circuit. Everything will be added at the Zandvoort Circuit this spring, such as a futuristic Champions Lounge (opening April 2020). Plenty of beautiful places to rent! 


Bee Escape Room Zandvoort imagine yourself in the world of Formula 1. One of the rooms is the 'Grand Prix'. Together with others (2-6 people) you take on the challenge of solving all kinds of puzzles and mysteries. In this case around the last race of the season, the Zandvoort Grand Prix. Fun to do with friends or your team, but also with your family. It is suitable for children from 12 years. During the game you have to be creative and resourceful, think logically and work together a lot! That's the challenge!

VIRTUAL RACING AT RL RACINGRaceplanetZandvoortFormula1 960w

You can access it above the pit lane at Circuit Zandvoort RL Racing on a racing simulator racing as if you were really at the Zandvoort Circuit. You feel every bump and curbstone, so you're really shaking in your seat, especially if you accidentally crash... You can race alone or against each other. Do you really want to drive around the track in a car? Then take a look at the website Race planet


A little Grand Prix atmosphere in your home or in your B&B for your guests? At Tutti Frutti Zandvoort they have made these nice vintage style plates. Handmade, in various colours. READ MORE ABOUT TUTTI FRUTTI ZANDVOORT AT SHOPS. LOVE FROM ZANDVOORT, X KRISTEL