The tastiest ice cream parlors in and around Zandvoort

Even in winter


THE TASTIEST ICE CREAM STANDS IN AND AROUND ZANDVOORT Of course, the beach and summer days include ice cream! Fortunately, you can get the most delicious ice creams in and around Zandvoort, even in winter! Below our favorites.  LucianoZandvoort1 1920w IN ZANDVOORT  


Since the spring of 2021, Luciano can (finally) also be found in Zandvoort. There are even two branches. You will find the XS branch on Kerkplein and You will find a larger ice cream parlor in Schoolstraat/Haltestraat. So nice, because we normally like to cycle to Heemstede/Aerdenhout or Overveen for this ice cream.  

LUCIANO also remains open in Zandvoort during the winter months. You can still get regular ice cream in the large ice cream parlour. Slightly fewer flavors (17 instead of 32). But... you can do it here too delicious macarons in the most beautiful colors from TOUT Patisserie from Amsterdam, coffee (Pumpkin Spice Latte!), 7 types of Hot Chocolates, crepes and ice cream cakes. In the XS branch you can only go for the macarons. Look for opening hours and keep an eye on the socials via @lucianozandvoort


You will find San Remo in Kerkstraat. All the ice cream is freshly made here. Open daily from 12 noon to 10 pm in the summer months. They also make their own popsicles.  


Since 2019, you will find the Ci Vediamo ice cream maker on Badhuisplein, near the sea. Delicious traditionally made ice cream. You can also get coffee, milkshakes, toasted sandwiches and donuts here. Ci Vediamo also has branches in Egmond, Midden Beemster and supplies to the catering industry.


At the Brasserie van Qurios Zandvoort you can get the delicious vegan ice cream from Montgomery's Icecream. Super delicious ice cream, based on cashew nuts, indistinguishable from 'real'. They also sell ice cream from Boerderijs here. Even if you are not a guest at the park, you are allowed to go here. Also nice, there is a small playground, so you can hang out there for a while.


Luciano's delicious ice cream is worth a bike ride. From Zandvoort you cycle along the old tram track to the branch in Heemstede. And you can reach the branch in Overveen or Kraantje Lek via the Visserspad. This season they are selling ice cream from Chocolaterie Pierre. A beautiful bike ride that is rewarded with a delicious ice cream!  


Zandvoortselaan 177 - Heemstede/Aerdenhout  

LUCIANO OVERVEEN Bloemendaalseweg 267 - Overveen  

TAP LEAK  Duinlustweg 22 - Overveen