Video Amsterdam Beach

Below you will find an overview of all places


VIDEO: MY FAVORITE PLACES IN ZANDVOORT For Amsterdam & Partners I visited my favorite places in Zandvoort, IJmuiden and Velsen, also known as Amsterdam Beach. In the video below you can see which ones they are. I hope that by watching the video you will enjoy Zandvoort and the surrounding area as much as I do!


Below you will find an overview of all the places visited in the video. These are really my favorite places in Zandvoort, IJmuiden and Velsen, which I would like to share with you.

  • You will find it on the beaches of Zandvoort, Bloemendaal and IJmuiden more than 50 beach bars.
  • I start the day with beach yoga by Zenzo Yoga at beach tent Tent 6.
  • I walk across the South Beach to the Sky Swing at the beach bar Bodhi Beach.
  • I cycle to Zandvoort aan Zee Station. From Amsterdam you can reach Zandvoort in 30 minutes, from Haarlem in 10 minutes.
  • My favorite coffee shop is Blue Zone Espresso in the center of Zandvoort.
  • My favorite surf shop is Surf & Skateshop NaluThey also have a lot of sustainable items here.
  • IJzerhandel Versteege is the oldest store in Zandvoort.
  • Bee First Wave Surf School you can rent boards and take lessons, but also skateboard.
  • Beach tent Noosa Beach is one of my favorite beach bars, you can enjoy delicious food here.
  • It South Kennemerland National Park is a beautiful nature reserve, perfect for cycling, walking and spotting wildlife.
  • In IJmuiden I always go to Makai beach bar.
  • At hotel/restaurant Plantage Rococo in Velsen you really feel like you're in another world.

Read more about Amsterdam Beach at Thanks to Amsterdam & Partners for this fun day and the opportunity to show Zandvoort from my eyes.