Zandvoort dune potatoes

Fresh, locally and organically grown


On the Hogeweg in Zandvoort, near the Oranjestraat, you can buy Zandvoort dune potatoes at this nice trunk shop owned by Bram and Chantal. Fresh, locally and organically grown! Open in good weather on Wednesdays and Saturdays from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. ZandvoortseDuinaardappelen3 960w

In the trunk you will not only find Zandvoort dune potatoes, but also Dutch dune potatoes (from another dune), Alouettes, Vitafellas and Dakotas. The potatoes go directly from farmer Bram to your plate. They were planted and harvested by Bram himself with a little help from his friends. Bram and Chantal also deliver orders in Zandvoort on Saturdays, to your home or to restaurants.

ZandvoortseDuinaardappelen2 960w

You can also eat these delicious dune potatoes at, for example Blue Zone Espresso in Zandvoort, during their Friday evening dinners. But also at beach bars Thalassa and Ahoi and Buitenplaats Plantage in Vogelenzang they are on the menu. The dune peepers are available while supplies last. ZandvoortseDuinaardappelen1 960w

Would you like to order dune potatoes? For more information, please contact Bram Molenaar: 06 53949925. LOVE FROM ZANDVOORT,