Yoga in Zandvoort: Zenzo yoga studio

The sea is always magical


Relax and take time for yourself. This is best done when you are surrounded by nature. The sea is always magical and automatically gives you space in your head. So it's great to combine a visit to Zandvoort with a yoga class or workshop. At Zenzo Yoga you can always register for individual classes. You can too Yoga Workshops, Day Retreats or Yoga & Detox Weekends by the Sea to follow.


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Zenzo Yoga Studio is a beautiful, atmospheric yoga studio in the center of Zandvoort. Owner Monique Christiaans was trained by Johan Noorloos. You can here take many different types of yoga classes for all levels. From classic Hatha Yoga, Vinyasa classes, to Neck, Shoulder, Back Yoga, Yoga & Boxing (from November 2019), Pregnancy Yoga and Senior Yoga. All can also be booked separately, so ideal if you are only in Zandvoort for a short time.


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During the beach season (from April to September) the Vinyasa classes on Wednesday and Friday mornings as standard on the beach datum. These lessons continue forever. In the sand by the sea in good weather, inside at beach tent Tent 6 in bad weather. In addition, special workshops take place regularly, for example Full Moon Workshops, Singing Bowls Workshops, Yoga & Meditation Workshops in the Dunes, etc. Check our OUTSIDE TIPS for more information.

DAY RETREAT OR YOGA WEEKEND BY THE SEA ZenzoYogaStudioZandvoortRetreats 960w

What is really nice is to do yoga for a day or even a whole weekend and pay attention to yourself. Zenzo Yoga Studio regularly organizes nice ones Day Retreats and Yoga & Detox Weekends by the Sea. Not only do you do wonderful yoga classes in the studio, but you also always go outside for one mindfulness or silent walk on the beach or in the dunes. During the Day Retreat you return to your essence. Back to what drives you, what makes your eyes shine and what you would like to do all day long. During the Yoga & Detox Weekend you will receive the most delicious organic juices that improve your resistance and restore intestinal flora. There are also lectures, mindfulness and breathing workshops, an Ayurvedic nutritional test and nutritional tips. A wonderfully relaxing weekend in Zandvoort!

EVENT SPACE & ROOFTOP TERRACE ZenzoYogaZandvoortRoof terrace 960w

You can also rent the attractive yoga studio for a (company) event. The studio is located in a sheltered spot in the center of Zandvoort. You go up the stairs through a beautiful heavy Oriental door. You come here in one Oasis of peace. A nice private place where no one else comes (that Eastern door simply closes when everyone is there!) You can have your team meeting combine with yoga or mindfulness (if you want) or explore Zandvoort from here, towards the dunes, the beach or the circuit. The nice roof terrace (the first and only rooftop terrace in Zandvoort!) completes it. On summer days you can sit here with a group. Quiet and intimate, with the bustle of the village downstairs. A super location to also rent for one (VIP) event during the Formula

1. NATURAL COSMETICS Zenzo2BYoga2BZandvoort2BOhm2BCollection 960w

Monique sells fine natural cosmetics in her studio, including: sunscreen and deodorant from The Ohm Collection. The Ohm Collection was developed by two Haarlem entrepreneurs, so it is a truly local product and exclusively available in Zandvoort at Zenzo Yoga. The vegan sunscreen Sun Safe Sea Safe Not only does it protect you from the sun (Sun Safe), it also smells wonderful, contains no substances that are harmful to you, makes your skin nice and soft and does not harm nature (Sea Safe). The deodorant is also really great. This is available in powder form and cream and is made entirely from natural and organic ingredients, without strange additions. You can take it with you immediately after your yoga class!

  ZENZO YOGA STUDIO Raadhuisplein 1B Zandvoort aan Zee Here you will find all current information about the class schedule, workshops, Day Retreats and Yoga & Detox Weekends by the Sea. [Image 1, 2 and 4: courtesy of Patrick Kool/Zenzo Yoga Studio] NAMASTE! LOVE FROM ZANDVOORT, X KRISTEL