Zandvoort entrepreneurs: At Aloha

'For a salty day at the beach'


Kelly de Vries from Zandvoort made a tour through Indonesia five years ago. She was already surfing a lot at the time and wanted something different with her life. Because she couldn't find nice surfing clothes and jewelry - that were cool but still feminine - she decided to make it herself. That's how she started At Aloha, clothes and jewelry that are perfect 'for a salty day at the beach'.


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Kelly started with rings with surfing texts (such as 'ocean' and 'rebel') and the famous wave ring. Bracelets, anklets, earrings and more and more soon inspired'clothing, for chicks and dudes. She can now make a living from this. Kelly has the jewelry made in Bali by small family businesses, which she consciously selects.

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The families work from home and make everything by hand. The clothing line is completely organic. Her shirts and jewelry can now be found in stores in Cape Town, Bonaire and Bali, in Germany and of course in Zandvoort.



ZandvoortseondernemersAtAloha4 960w Kelly grew up with the beach. As a child she always spent her summers in a beach house in Zandvoort and for a few years she has also lived in Zandvoort. By the sea. Very useful if you like surfing so much. Good waves, good wind? Get on the water straight away! ZandvoortseOndernemersAtAloha1 960w

But usually she can be found somewhere on the other side of the world. Bali, Bonaire, Brazil, Cape Town. Combining surfing with work. Bring your laptop, visit shops and workshops, photo shoots in tropical locations. Living the (surf)life. In the meantime, her mother is taking orders in the Netherlands. Well done, Kelly!

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Do you also like At Aloha? Followers of Liefs uit Zandvoort will receive until April 20, 2020 20% discount on the entire collection, including the new one, which will be online this month. And if you live in Zandvoort, you don't have to free shipping to pay! Kelly will then personally bring it to you. Use the following discount codes: love-from-zandvoort (for 20% discount) or local-zandvoort (for Zandvoort Locals - please note: you first pay the shipping costs, but this will then be refunded by Kelly).


Kelly also allows us to give away five nice beachy anklets.

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