Birding in the dunes with

Up to 62 different types


On a beautiful summer evening in July I went birding in the Kennemerduinen with Jesse Zwart from Bring binoculars, listen carefully and, above all, look carefully. Jesse has been birding in Zandvoort since his youth, so he knows all about it. He has recently started organizing regular excursions in the Kennemerduinen, Amsterdamse Waterleidingduinen, but also on the pier in Scheveningen or in Haarlemmerhout. 


Day birdingZandvoort5 960wWe gather at the parking lot at Parnassia and start our walk towards Bird Lake. Because that is of course the place in the Kennemerduinen to watch birds. There is plenty to see and hear on the way here. We saw several species of gulls of course, but also Greenfinches, Linnets, Goldfinches, Red-necked Grebes and a Little Egret (rare in this region). With your binoculars (your own binoculars - if you have one - or one you can borrow from Jesse) you can view the birds up close. Jesse himself has a professional telescope with him. This allows you to see the birds as clearly as if they were sitting one meter in front of you.


Day birdingZandvoort4 960w

Jesse talks enthusiastically about the birds in the area. He has been birding since he was 4 years old. He grew up in Zandvoort, near the Amsterdam Waterleidingduinen. His grandfather lived on the edge of the dunes and always sent him outside. Not a problem for him, because when he was older he could mainly be found there in the dunes. Even at night! Then he would sneak out of the house to watch beautiful night birds.


Day birdingZandvoort1 960w

So Jesse had it in his head from an early age. But birding, going into nature and being amazed by all the beauty you see, is becoming increasingly popular. It's not just something for forest rangers or nature freaks. Young people from the city are also becoming increasingly interested in it. And I must say, I became more and more enthusiastic myself! At first a little awkward with the binoculars, but then it is really a sport to see beautiful other species. And it is precisely Jesse's stories that make it extra interesting.


Day birdingZandvoort7 960w

We ended up seeing 62 different species that evening! Including a kingfisher that flew low over the water, caught a fish, hit it dead on a branch and ate it. The kingfisher appeared not to have been seen at Vogelmeer for a long time. Because Jesse talks about it, it becomes extra special.


Day birdingZandvoort2 960w

It was a beautiful evening. Not just because of all the special birds we saw. The nature in the Kennemerduinen is beautiful anyway. The beautiful pine trees at the Vogelmeer. The swampy plains. The beautiful view of Parnassia and the skyline of Zandvoort. Very fun to do once. Interesting and relaxing!


Day birdingZandvoort9 960w regularly organizes excursions in the Zandvoort region, for example in the Kennemerduinen, Amsterdamse Waterleidingduinen on the pier in Scheveningen or at the Veerplas in Haarlem (and also in other nature reserves in the Netherlands). They also organize children's parties for children from 6 years old. For more information, go to or on our Event Calendar for excursions in the Zandvoort area.