Roompot Zandvoort

Beautiful cottages in the dunes


THE STORIES BEHIND QURIOS ZANDVOORT Of course, we already knew Qurios from the park in Bloemendaal, but there has also been one since July 2019 brand new park in Zandvoort. Everything has been thought through in detail, especially from a sustainability perspective. We were allowed to spend a few nights and were very impressed. Not just from the beautiful cottages in the dunes between the circuit and the sea, but especially from all the beautiful sustainable and innovative stories behind it. We highlight five of them.

1. THE SOUL OF ZANDVOORT QuriosZandvoortvakantieparknieuw2 960w

The cottages at this holiday park don't just look like from the outside super beautiful beach houses where you want to live, the interior is also inspiring. Qurios looked at the 'Soul of Zandvoort' so that it fits in well with the people, the history and the environment. There are the themes Circuit, Amsterdamse Waterleidingduinen, Amsterdam & Denim and Coffee emerged from. Four 'statement cottages' have been decorated on this basis, but elements of this can be seen in all cottages, in the Brasserie and the reception. It's nice how Qurios has done this, because it feels very unique. Qurios 2BGrand 2BPrix 2BCottage 2BZandvoort 2B1 960w

One of the statement cottages is the 'Grand Prix'. Because yes, Zandvoort and the circuit are inextricably linked and the park is really close to the circuit. You can even look out onto it from this cottage! Inside, everything is in the style of the historic Grand Prix with original Martini Striping that can be found everywhere in the house. And it even says a complete racing set for two people to play racing games! How cool is that!

2. BARISTA FOR A WEEKEND AT THE COFFEE COTTAGE QuriosZandvoortCoffeeCottage 960w

Another – and very special – is the Coffee Cottage. Based on the coffee culture in the Netherlands and the coffee trade from the 18th century. You can have coffee with 18 people in this beautiful cottage! There are several beautiful coffee makers, from authentic Italian espresso machines to filter coffee machines, such as the Moccamaster or the Chemex Slow Coffee Maker. Nice detail: the lamps in the Coffee Cottage are also made of this! In the Coffee Cottage you can all sit together at a large table playing the barista all weekend! QuriosZandvoortCoffeeCottage1 960w This house is perfect for one family or friends weekend. On the top floor there is a nice sofa and a cupboard full of fun family games. Drink coffee, eat, chill, be together and play games here. You sleep in the other houses that surround the Coffee Cottage, so everyone has their privacy. You will then meet again in the cozy coffee house. A really smart idea! The house is also beautifully decorated, with many references to coffee, such as wallpaper and chairs made from used jute coffee bags. The rode and green tiles refer to the arabica plant, green with red berries.

3. 'WOOD OF YOUR CITY' IN THE CLEAR NATURE COTTAGE QuriosZandvoortClearNatureCottage 960w

Another very nice cottage is the Clear Nature. This cottage exudes peace, space and nature inspired by the Amsterdam Water Supply Dunes. And of course there are nice references to 'our deer' everywhere. But also one great outdoor shower and a lovely hammock. For a perfect end to your beach day.

QuriosHoutvanjeStadZandvoort 960w

A nice story about this cottage is that the wood used here comes from 'Wood from your city'. The table, the back wall near the beds and the bunk bed are made of trees that would otherwise have ended up in the chipper, such as a fallen ash tree or an elm from the city. The nice thing is that you... QR codes can find out exactly where the wood comes from. Still nice to know when you're lying in bed.


QuriosZandvoortDenimCottage 960w And then there is the Denim Cottage. Inspired by the Dutchman and the jeans... But also by the fact that Amsterdam 'Denim Capital of the World' and many (innovative) jeans brands can be found there. But did you know? It takes 8,000 liters of water to produce a pair of jeans? The School of Denim of Denim City from Amsterdam is trying to change this. With their new techniques they manage to reduce this to 700 liters of water per pair of jeans and the aim is to ultimately achieve a 'dry jeans' to produce. The denim fabrics from Denim City also symbolize sustainability and that fits well with Qurios.

QuriosZandvoortBrasserie 960w

That is why Qurios has students from Denim City's School of Denim asked to furnish the Denim Cottage. This has become a sturdy cottage with many beautiful denim fabrics, but also a sturdy work table that could easily be in a sewing studio. The Brasserie is also completely decorated in the denim theme. Benches and chairs are covered with durable denim and there is even a work of art and a denim clock. Very inspiring, especially if you know the story behind it.

5. COOPERATION WITH RETURN TO SENDER QuriosReturntoSenderZandvoort1 960w

Qurios also collaborates with Return to Sender. You will find these in every cottage a beautiful carafe with glasses and a denim bag. These beautiful products are produced by women in developing countries. This way they can escape the cycle of poverty. You can use the bag during your stay to go shopping or take to the beach. If you also want to have it at home, you can buy it in the shop at reception.


QuriosZandvoortInterieur 960w There is much more to tellsuch as that you can get coffee, tea and water from Earth in the brasserie and the shop, that there is a Nespresso machine in every house, a Quooker and beds and mattresses from Auping. That there a REAL plant in every house stands for extra oxygen and that you can order food from the brasserie with a special App... Etcetera etcetera.


We can also continue in the field of sustainability. Often these are things that you don't even notice. For example, the central buildings work with a water pump and solar panels and have sedum roofs. Sitting in the cottages smart thermostats who know exactly when you are inside. All energy is green and local. Only environmentally friendly cleaning agents are used. And so on. At Qurios they can talk about it enthusiastically. Because yes, the park has one for a reason Green Key Certification, where more than 80 sustainability requirements are met. Even the insects from the dunes have been taken into account. They can also spend the night comfortably in the insect hotel.

ON HOLIDAY IN YOUR OWN VILLAGE QuriosZandvoortPlaygroundkids 960w

Yes, we are really enthusiastic about Qurios Zandvoort. We actually went on holiday in our own village and came home inspired! Fortunately, we can if residents of Zandvoort You can also just come here for coffee, have lunch or dinner in the Brasserie or go to the playground with the kids. So, see you at Qurios Zandvoort!    QURIOS ZANDVOORT Boulevard Barnaart 30 Zandvoort aan Zee LOVE FROM ZANDVOORT, X KRISTEL