Eating pancakes in Zandvoort

Best places for pancakes


After a beach or dune walk, your kids will be hungry for a delicious pancake! We have listed the best places to eat pancakes in Zandvoort for you. 


ZeeroverPancakesZandvoortKids 960w

De Zeerover is a nice place to eat pancakes. You can sit outside on the terrace terrace with sea view and the boulevard. The kids can run and play on Badhuisplein. You can also sit comfortably inside, while your kids can have fun in the play corner. All kinds of pancakes are available here, too specialties such as De Laughing Zeerover, Pim Parrot or Letter in the Bottle. You will also see pirates, squids and parrots all around you. A real pirate theme! As the name suggests, you can eat more than just pancakes here: including burgers (beef or seaweed), chicken satay and salads. 


Strandweg 1

Zandvoort aan Zee

023 573 87 40


DuneaandeDuinrandCoffee shopPancakesZandvoortNature 960wDune aan de Duinrand is a cozy and cozy restaurant at the entrance of the Amsterdam Water Supply Dunes on Zandvoortselaan. It's a nice place to eat a pancake after spotting deer in the waterworks dunes. Outside is a nice little shielded playground where children can have fun. Inside it's kind of winter lodge, furnished a bit darkly with lots of wood. There are stacks of coloring books and markers here so your kids can draw while they wait for their pancake.


Zandvoortselaan 130A - Entrance to Amsterdamse Waterleidingduinen

Zandvoort aan Zee023-5730062


KraantjeLekZandvoortKidsPlayground 960w

Kraantje Lek is a special and historic place in the dunes between Zandvoort and Haarlem. At the foot of a high dune (fun for kids to run from) near a hollow tree (fun to hide in). Centuries ago the Zandvoort fishermen's wives the Visserspad with the fish catch of their men, to sell on the market in Haarlem. On the way they took a break at Kraantje Lek. Also one for many from the region nostalgic place where they used to come as children. And now that it has been renovated inside and outside this year, it remains a wonderful place. A beautiful natural playground with of course a tap and a pump, lovely benches for the parents in the sun or in the shade and still delicious pancakes! 


Duinlustweg 22

OverveenOpen every day from 10am to 10pm

THE DUIN CAFE - KENNEMERDUNENDuincafeKennemerduinenZandvoortCoffee tents 960wThe Dune Café of the visitor center of the Zuid-Kennemerland National Park recently has one beautiful nature playground. In the playground, in addition to climbing huts and water pumps, you will also find two wooden bison, inspired by the real ones bison walking around in the park. From the terrace of the Duincafé you have a view of the playground, but you can also take your coffee into the playground. Inside it is also cozy and cozy and there are also toys for kids. You can have a great time here organic breakfast, lunch, pancakes or poffertjes. There is also plenty to do in the park itself. You can cycle and walk there, spot bison, swim in 't Wed and all kinds of activities are organized (quests!). The visitor center also hosts exhibitions that are fun for children. Also fun when the weather is bad. 

THE DUIN CAFE - South Kennemerland National Park

Zeeweg 12 - Overveen

Open every day all year from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm. 

Closed on Mondays in winter.