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We take a trip to Overveen, to the beautiful Lifestyle Center LAMC360 located on an estate in the dunes between Zandvoort and Haarlem. Foot reflexology therapist Ratna Coenraad from Zandvoort recently opened her practice Puurvoetreflex here. Here you can enjoy wonderfully relaxing foot reflexology treatments. Blockages are removed, waste products are removed and you enter into deep relaxation. Great for physical complaints. But also a nice addition if you want to live a healthier life or are detoxing. And the drive there is already part of the therapy!


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Foot reflexology is based on 'reflex zones' on the feet that correspond to other parts of the body. An imbalance in the body causes accumulations of waste products around the nerve endings in the corresponding zones on the feet. During the treatment, Ratna presses very gently on various places on your feet to gently remove these waste products. So no massage, but very light touches. Very special, because Ratna only knows exactly what is going on by touching your feet very gently! Blockages are removed, the energy can flow freely again! 

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Since the end of 2019, Puur Voetreflex has been located in the LAMC360 Lifestyle Center on the beautiful Duinlust Estate in Overveen. In the middle of the woods you imagine yourself in a different world. You already relax when you drive into the driveway. At LAMC360 you can work on yourself from a total package. They create personalized lifestyle programs that help you with a healthy lifestyle. Body scans, yoga, fitness, mindfulness, therapies, coaching. And now also foot reflexology. A nice addition to the package!


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Ratna started with foot reflexology when she massaged her son's feet years ago. She noticed that this had a clear effect. It was only years later that she started taking training courses for this and making it her job. The nice thing is that she still treats babies, children with sleeping problems or colic, for example. But reflexology treatment is useful for everyone, from young to old, from babies to teenagers or children with ADHD or autism. A foot reflexology treatment is also wonderful during your pregnancy. It provides intense relaxation for mother and baby.  


Puur 2BFoot reflexology 2BZandvoort 2BOverveen 960wA foot reflexology treatment is truly a gift for yourself. It is special to see that so much comes together in your feet. After the treatment, Ratna can tell you more about what she felt and what she focused on. With this she shows that body and mind are one. Ratna senses that exactly. But you don't have to have complaints such as burnout, fatigue or migraine to go to her for treatment. It is also wonderful as a moment for yourself or as a supplement to a detox program, for example. Waste products are removed, it brings you deep relaxation and gives you inner peace. And that of course has a preventive effect!


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So nice, we can give away 1 wonderful foot reflexology treatment from Ratna! Do you see yourself or someone else relaxing at Duinrust Estate? For more information, see Instragram feed or the Facebook page from Love from Zandvoort and post a comment. We will make the draw on Friday, January 17, 2020 and announce the winner via Stories. Would you like to know more about foot reflexology treatments and what Ratna can do for you? Please contact us using the details below. 


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