Collection point "The vegetable Amsterdammer" in Zandvoort

You can participate from 3 months


Do you want to eat locally produced and organic vegetables every week? Products that come from a local farmer? So fresh from the land? In 2023 there will again be a collection point in Zandvoort for the vegetable packages from farmer Kasper Hoex of the Vegetable Amsterdammer. It was very popular last season and there is sufficient demand for it in Zandvoort. That's why we'll continue with it in 2023! From June 2023 to January 2024 you can pick up your package full of organic fruit and vegetables every week at the pickup point in Zandvoort. Are you participating? You can you Register at Groente AmsterdammerVegetables and Fruit 1920w


From June 2023 to January 2024, you will receive a package full of organic vegetables (and optional fruit) every week from Kasper Hoex's farm in Beverwijk. Every Wednesday he brings the fresh packages to Zandvoort and you can pick up your package at the end of the day at the pickup point in Zandvoort (near the Water Tower).



The organic vegetable packages from farmer Kasper cost per week (total 32 weeks):

  • For 1 person: € 13,-
  • For 2 persons: € 19,-
  • For 3 persons: € 26,-
  • For 4 persons: € 32,-


Extra organic apples and pears in season (about 16 out of 32 weeks):

  • For 1 kg €4.00
  • For 2 kg €8.00
  • For 3 kg € 12,-
  • For 4 kg € 16,-


The contents of the fresh packages depend on the season and what is available during that period. If farmer Kasper does not have sufficient availability of certain vegetables himself, he purchases them from friendly farmers. He always offers a complete package with about 6 different types of vegetables. You can participate from 3 months. This way Kasper knows what to sow. You're actually buying a share in his harvest. 


You will receive the package every week. If you are not there for a week, you can ask a friend or neighbor to pick it up for you. You can also participate once the season has started.

kasper 1920w


Kasper is 32 years old, a horticulturist, ecologist and founder of The Vegetable Amsterdammer and Rorik Estate. In 2017, Kasper rented land from horticulturalist Wim Bijma in Amsterdam-West. Here he successfully produced vegetables for a community of 45 Amsterdam residents. This is how the Groente Amsterdammer was born. De Groente Amsterdammer has been part of it since 2020 Rorik estate. Here, various partners are building an ecological estate with, among other things, a market garden, orchard, vineyard, self-sufficient

restaurant and accommodation options. Kasper now delivers its fresh packages throughout the Amsterdam Metropolitan Area.


By ordering from Kasper we can change the food system together. Nowadays a farmer receives 10 cents per kilo of onions. He therefore has to grow a lot of onions to earn anything. This leads to intensive monocultures and the use of crop protection products (read: poison). This is bad for the ecology and our health. And yet we pay 1.50 per kilo of onions in the supermarket. This is crazy and applies to many of our messages. That can be done differently. By ordering your vegetables from Kasper you skip the supermarket. You pay directly to the farmer, so that he or she has the time to make healthy food for you.



If you are interested, then fill in your details on the Groente Amsterdammer website. You will then receive further information.


Would you like to know more about the initiative in Zandvoort or do you have questions? Then send an email to [email protected]