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THE MOST BEAUTIFUL HOTELS IN ZANDVOORT Enjoy a wonderful overnight stay in a nice hotel by the sea or near the sea. Fortunately, there are a few beautiful and recently built or renovated hotels in Zandvoort. Below my favorites.


This completely renovated boutique Hotel Margretha is really a beautiful new gem in Zandvoort (open February 2022). The old building on Zeestraat (near the station) has been completely modernized and made more sustainable. It used to be a cafe (Cafe Oomstee) with apartments above it. Now you will find 6 beautiful spacious luxury hotel rooms, all of which are decorated differently. All with a seating area, kitchenette, terrace and beautiful communal area.

Verandah 1 1920w

The hotel is full of modern gadgets, but many authentic details have been preserved or recreated. The veranda, for example, has been completely recreated as it used to be. It has really become a beautiful place, where Zandvoort and the guests who spend the night there will be very happy.


Zeestraat 62 - Zandvoort

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Photo credits: Photo studio Zandvoort

BOULEVARD 5 HotelBoulevard5 1920w Boulevard 5 is located directly on the boulevard of Zandvoort, near the beautiful Zuidstrand. A small-scale boutique hotel with nine apartments, all of which have a sea view. You only have to walk out of your apartment or you are sitting on the beach. From your balcony you can enjoy the sea and the beautiful sunsets. You are close to the nicest beach bars and from here you can take the most beautiful bike rides through the dunes. Boulevard 5 already has the bicycles ready for you. A wonderful place for a beach holiday or a weekend away.  


Boulevard Paulus Loot 5 - Zandvoort

HOTEL PARADIS Hotel Paradis drawing 1 hotel Zandvoort c6b42c0b 1920w

A very new hotel on the Paradijsweg in Zandvoort: Hotel Paradis. Built under architecture and furnished with style. Wonderfully fresh and stylishly decorated rooms with beautiful natural materials and plants. The hotel is located in an authentic and cozy area of Zandvoort, between old fishermen's houses. Most rooms have a kitchenette and an opportunity to sit outside. A wonderful place to stay. READ MORE ABOUT HOTEL PARADIS (also check the discount code here).


Paradijsweg 4 - Zandvoort


BELL HOTEL Bell2BHotel 1920w

At the end of 2020, this beautiful stylish hotel opened on the Hogeweg in Zandvoort, right opposite the water tower and less than 100 meters from the sea. The renovation took a long time, but the results are impressive. Bell Hotel is a beautiful boutique hotel with 20 rooms. Most rooms are located at the front and overlook the water tower. A few larger rooms are located at the rear and have a terrace. The rooms are beautifully and stylishly furnished. At the front of the hotel you can enjoy the sun on one of the beautiful benches.


Hogeweg 7 - Zandvoort

AMSTERDAM BEACH HOTEL AmsterdamBeachHotel2kopie 1920w After months of renovations, the Amsterdam Beach Hotel opened its doors again on May 29, 2020. The hotel has become completely unrecognizably beautiful. The previous interior was more in the scrap wood style of Piet Hein Eek, but now it has become a real boutique hotel with beautiful warm colors. AmsterdamBeachHotel5kopie2 1920w The hotel is located near the sea. You cross Badhuisplein and you are on the beach. The rooms at the front have a sea view. Outside you will find an attractive terrace where guests and non-guests can drink cocktails.  


Badhuisplein 2-4 - Zandvoort

Photo credits: Photo studio Zandvoort

BEACHHOUSE HOTEL MainBeachHouse 1920w

The Beachhouse Hotel is actually the only hotel in Zandvoort that is located directly on the beach. From the Seaside rooms you have a beautiful view of the sea and the beach with the nice beach houses that are located between Zandvoort and Bloemendaal aan Zee. What could be better than watching the sunset from your bed, nice in the summer with the French doors wide open! From the hotel you can easily walk to the beach bars on the North Beach in Zandvoort or those in Bloemendaal aan Zee.


Boulevard Barnaart 59E - Zandvoort