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Nature brings peace and space


By going into nature you get closer to yourself, to what you really want. That is why walking and mindfulness coach Esther Bijnen Jadana Coaching during her coaching she makes extra use of the beautiful nature around Zandvoort. She often takes (particularly) hardworking and caring women who experience stress-related complaints into the dunes. Nature literally brings peace and space, allowing you to reflect on what moves you. 

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Esther has personally experienced what it is like to have to keep too many balls in the air, which brought her close to burnout. Through mindfulness she learned to better sense her boundaries and to choose for herself again. She then decided – in addition to her coaching work at an airline – to help women do the same. Esther herself lives on the dunes in Zandvoort, so it was a logical step to involve the nature around Zandvoort. That is why she often goes to the beautiful nature reserves around Zandvoort during her coaching: the Amsterdamse Waterleidingduinen, Noordvoort beach reserve or the dunes at Parnassia. Places where you experience the peace and beauty of nature.

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Esther also provides coaching indoors or online, but being outside and in nature gives an extra dimension to the session. You can opt for individual coaching or with a group. In both cases there is often a walk in silence. To seek extra connection with yourself, to activate your senses, to see, hear, smell and feel. You are not only concerned with nature, but also with yourself. Suddenly you may notice that you are very tired or sad. Emotions that you often don't have time for in the hustle and bustle of the day.

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With her walking and mindfulness coaching, Esther ensures that you reconnect with yourself. That you know what makes you happy, what gives you energy and what is good for you. Instead of being in survival mode. During the sessions with Esther you will investigate what your qualities are, your pitfalls and what gives you energy. The exercises you receive will really help you set things in motion.

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Esther offers individual (walking) coaching, mindfulness training (individually or in a group) and walking workshops. The program is always tailor-made to suit your individual wishes. Esther is a member of the Association for Mindfulness (VVM) and accredited by the NOBCO, the Dutch Order of Professional Coaches. As a result, her coaching is reimbursed by VGZ group and Zilveren Kruis if you have additional insurance. In addition, a large number of employers reimburse coaching programs to prevent burnout through coaching. It is useful to check with your insurer or employer before you start this.


Would you like more information or would you like to meet us without obligation? Please contact Esther at [email protected]. Esther also organizes an introductory mindful walk once a month to introduce women to what mindfulness is. You can send Esther an email to be kept informed about this.


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