Judy beauty boutique: Natural sun care

A shop that could easily have been in Paris


You will find it on the Jan van Goyenstraat in Heemstede Judy Beauty Boutique, a shop and salon with a Parisian atmosphere. Here you will find beautiful and special beauty products and you can contact Beauty Coach Judy for Make up, Brows and Hairstyling. She has personally selected all the products that Judy sells and are as natural as possible, including the sun care. On May 15, 2022 she will have a Pop-up Store at Tent 6 in Zandvoort and you can test and buy her products. 

  PARISIAN ATMOSPHERE & SPECIAL PRODUCTS JudyBeautyBoutiqueHeemstede8 1920w

Judy Beauty Boutique has been located in a cute corner building in Heemstede for 4 years, with a shop that could easily have been in Paris. It is full of special, natural and beautiful beauty products and scents that you will not easily encounter in other stores or chains. Judy selects these personally and with care. Precisely because the store is small, you will only find products here that she supports and that have been properly tested. Beautiful products with a story and also for a good price.

MAKEUP ADVICE JudyBeautyBoutiqueHeemstede2 1920w

Judy, who is originally a beautician and has worked for magazines and TV, also gives make-up lessons and workshops in the store. As an eyebrow specialist, she provides Henna Brows and gives advice about make-up, for example to people who have been doing the same make-up for years, to create something beautiful with as few products as possible.

NATURAL CARE JudyBeautyBoutiqueHeemstede1 1920w

Because many cosmetics still contain many unnatural ingredients that are not good for your skin, Judy only sells products 'without junk', i.e. natural products without chemicals. Also in the field of sun care. These do not contain plastic granules and are good for you and the sea.

SOLEIL TOUJOURS, COOLA & MIMITIKA JudyBeautyBoutiqueHeemstede6 1920w

The sun cream from Soleil Toujours for example, it is based on minerals, but does not leave a white haze. Or Coola from the US, which is wonderfully thin and you do not feel it on your skin. Another brand is Mimitika from Bordeaux, also completely natural and with a cheerful appearance.

WEDDINGS Screenshot 2022 05 09 at 23.31.43 1920w

Judy can often be found in Zandvoort because she provides hair & make-up at many weddings, including at Tent 6. Judy not only makes the bride beautiful (also many German brides by the way), but also the master of ceremonies, the bridesmaids, witnesses and the mothers. At the beginning of the evening she often does a quick touch-up before the evening program. Judy's style is characterized by natural and stylish.

POP-UP STORE AT TENT 6 Judy Beauty Boutique Heemstede 7 1920w

On May 15, 2022, Judy will have a Pop-up Store in Zandvoort at Tent 6, together with Zo Lein Jewelry and clothing from Little Store. In Tentje 6 she will do a 5 minute Touch-up and give you - for free - a beautiful fresh & glowy beach look with the products from Ilia to give. You can also test and purchase the sun care described above yourself. The Pop-up is open from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. If you can't make it, be sure to take a look at her nice shop in Heemstede, or order the products via her webshop.


Jan van Goyenstraat 35 – Heemstede

www.judybeautyboutique.nl (also webshop)

Instagram @judybeautyboutique