Living in Bentveld: Small but nice

It feels more like half


Bentveld is a small village with about 1,000 inhabitants that you pass through when you drive to Zandvoort via Heemstede/Aerdenhout. What many people do not know is that Bentveld falls under the Municipality of Zandvoort. So it is part of Zandvoort, but it has its own character. Nienke from Team Liefs from Zandvoort lives there and explains why it is so nice. 


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Actually, Bentveld is a very well-kept secret. It is so small that most people drive through it and have no idea that this is a separate village. But if you turn left at the white bench instead of driving straight on to Zandvoort, you will enter the small, picturesque center of eight beautiful streets. Bentveld has such a thousandLIVING IN BENTVELD: SMALL BUT NICEend inhabitants, but I still think that sounds like a lot. It feels more like half.


After the Second World War, Bentveld was built up with the help of the Marshall Plan. This meant that a limited number of bricks could be used, making the houses here relatively small compared to the neighboring Aerdenhout. In Bentveld there are no long driveways and large fences, but a very pleasant, open atmosphere. Which ties in well with Zandvoort, which is the same municipality.


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There is one local shop/healthy take away, 'Ter Plekke'. A coffee, lunch, gift or refill of dry pasta is just a few steps away. And there is one café/restaurant, La Belle, where you can enjoy a delicious meal or drink a glass of wine/beer on the terrace.

That may sound a bit small or boring, but the nice thing is that you often meet people from the neighborhood here. And Zandvoort and Heemstede are around the corner, if you are looking for more options.

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For fresh herbs you can go to the Kruidenveld. A very cool neighborhood project that really creates more connections between residents. For a small contribution you can pick fresh herbs yourself here about 9 months a year. For example, there is a whole Ottolenghi herb bed. An occasional neighborhood drink or activity and also a mini library based on exchange and/or giving away. Next to the Kruidenveld you will also find a playground with a football field, where the neighborhood children can often be found.

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And if you go the other way, you can walk via a small forest path to the riding school “Stal de Naaldenhof”. Here you can take lessons, ride in the arena both indoors and outdoors and go to pony camp in the summer. The site borders the Waterleidingduinen, which end in Zandvoort. On the other side of the Zandproposal, you can go into the dunes with your dog and take really lovely walks.


If you walk through the village in the summer, don't be surprised if you see many German license plates. Bentveld has been completely discovered by our eastern neighbors and many residents rent out their house when they are on holiday themselves. I am always happy when I return to Bentveld after the holidays. Living in the green, quiet but with the greatest advantage, the beach of Zandvoort within cycling distance.