Living in Zandvoort: Enjoying beach life

More and more people are choosing Zandvoort.


When I moved to Zandvoort 10 years ago, I had a lot to explain to my friends and family. But now I hear more and more often 'Oh, I would like to live there!' when I say that I live in Zandvoort. A while ago I asked on behalf of Stubborn Real Estate Agents to the followers of Liefs uit Zandvoort on Instagram why they (have come to) live in Zandvoort. You can read the responses in this blog. 


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Many people indicated that they had been confronted with prejudices about Zandvoort. Zandvoort would be ugly, with all those flats and ugly buildings. You would always be stuck in traffic and only see Germans and old people on the street. And scum and criminals. And oh yes, it would be very boring in the winter. Perhaps some prejudices are (partly) true, or were so in the past. But Zandvoort has changed a lot in recent years, becoming more beautiful and fun. In Zandvoort you can live wonderfully in nature, enjoy beach life and still be close to Haarlem and Amsterdam. More and more people are therefore choosing Zandvoort.


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What I heard a lot from my followers was that they love living in the middle of nature. The dunes, the beach and the sea are always close by. That feels like a holiday every day. There are deer and foxes in the dunes and sometimes also in the village. You can take beautiful walks and beautiful bike rides. And yet in Zandvoort you will also find the hustle and bustle of the city, especially in the summer. With more than 35 beach bars where there is always a party somewhere in the summer, major events such as the F1 and the Zandvoort Circuit Run, nice surf schools, restaurants and shops, it is never boring. Because of the tourists it is not a village with 17,000 inhabitants, but it is always buzzing. In winter it is quieter. Then you hear many Zandvoort residents say that they like 'having the village to themselves again'.


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The nice thing about living in Zandvoort is that most tourists go home after 1 day or a few days, but if you live there you can just go to the beach every day. It gives every day a holiday feeling. After work you can just go to a beach bar, watch the sunset or go surfing or SUPing. Especially on those days when the sun still breaks through in the evening after a rainy day or at times when the day trippers have not yet arrived or are heading home, this is really wonderful!


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Many different types of people live in Zandvoort, but everyone has one thing in common: the love for the sea. The sea is never boring, is always different and special. The best tip I received when I came to live here was to 'do something with the sea'. For example, learn to wave surf or kite surf, catamaran sailing, SUP, swim in the sea (all year round) or become a volunteer with the Rescue Brigade. This way the sea really becomes part of your life. When there is suddenly good wind or nice waves, you suddenly see surfers coming from everywhere, because of course those moments have to be taken advantage of immediately!


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And yes, then winter comes. Then the village will indeed change. The seasonal pavilions close and are demolished. Some restaurants in the village close for a few months. But in recent years, tourists have been coming longer and longer. Then it is even in November or February and also around Christmas days still pleasantly busy in Zandvoort. There are five beach pavilions that remain open all winter. The atmosphere is different in winter. In the winter months there is more time for rest. Time to go into the dunes for beautiful walks, spot deer or bison. Time for long walks on the beach and warming up by the fireplace. And as soon as the first spring sunbeams shine again in February, it starts to come alive again. With new energy, great plans are being made for the approaching beach season.


What are the bad things about living in Zandvoort? Yes, it can be really busy during the summer months on tropical hot days. Zandvoort residents usually avoid those days, do not go to the beach or sometimes even leave the village. The village is then briefly taken over by day tourists. If you have to leave Zandvoort by car at the end of the day on such a great day, you will be stuck in a traffic jam. Fortunately, this only concerns a few days per season. And often you can tell exactly which days those are. But you have to take that into account. And yes, you occasionally hear the racing cars on the track (with a certain wind) and you will have to clean your windows or wash your car more often in Zandvoort, especially after a storm.


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I received these responses from my followers when I asked them what they liked so much about living in Zandvoort:

“We moved to Zandvoort from Haarlem about two years ago. It was our best decision ever. We live in a dream home close to the beach. The summer was amazing, with incredible sunsets. The winter was wonderful and pleasant in the village. We consider ourselves fortunate with our move to Zandvoort, we can advise everyone.” Marc


“I've only lived here for two years, but I'm never leaving here. The sea and dunes within walking distance. The tourists who thoroughly enjoy just a holiday in the place where I can be all year round.” Lindsey

“I have been a resident of Zandvoort for almost 36 years now. Born and raised. Living there is fantastic. I think the beach is beautiful in all seasons. In the summer I enjoy the busy days, in the winter it is quieter but also a nice place to relax. On busy days I plan it so that I don't have to worry about traffic jams.” Richard

“Proud resident of Zandvoort for two years, moved from Limburg. I look out to sea every day. I feel at home here because of the variety. The contrast between summer and winter. From nice and busy to wonderfully quiet. Beautiful, but also (still) ugly in some places. Hip versus a bit ordinary. Much or little wind/waves. A village where there is always something to do. I enjoy Zandvoort every day!” Francoise


Real estate agent Nick ten Broeke van Stubborn Real Estate Agents notices that he has to explain less and less when people come to look at a house in Zandvoort. "Zandvoort has become really popular, especially with young 'surfing' families. If you like kiting or wave surfing, it is wonderful to live close to the sea and go into the sea before or after work, or between companies. Also The beach is a wonderful place for children to grow up. Lots of space and freedom and a large sandbox in front of the door! Learn to surf and, when you get older, have fun side jobs on the beach."


JULY 2023

This blog was created in collaboration with Stubborn Real Estate Agents.


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