The most beautiful neighborhoods of Zandvoort

Where in the Netherlands can you live so close to the sea?


Before I came to live in Zandvoort, I only knew the boulevards and the beach. I had actually never been to the village, let alone other neighborhoods. I have now discovered that there are many beautiful streets and neighborhoods in Zandvoort. Together with Nick ten Broeke van Stubborn Real Estate Agents I have made an overview of the most beautiful neighborhoods and streets of Zandvoort (the houses in the photos are atmospheric impressions and are not for sale).



If you live in Zandvoort, you prefer to live by the sea and preferably on the Zuid-Boulevard. “The South Boulevard is very popular, people are queuing for it,” says real estate agent Nick ten Broeke of Eigenwijs Makelaars. “There really is a waiting list for that.” It is of course also fantastic to live in this beautiful part of Zandvoort, with beautiful detached houses, the new boulevard and the view over the Zuidstrand and the dunes on the other side. But the homes on the Midden-Boulevard and the Noord-Boulevard are also popular. These are often apartments, but with a sea view. “The sea is a living painting, it changes every five minutes, I know from my own experience. And where in the Netherlands can you live as close to the sea as in Zandvoort?”


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In Zandvoort you will also find many beautiful streets with authentic veranda houses. Consider, for example, the Haarlemmerstraat, the Zandvoortselaan, the Grote Krocht, the Hogeweg, the Kostverlorenstraat, the Zeestraat and the Brederodestraat. On these streets you will find beautiful old stately buildings from before the war with bright verandas. Homes that used to be used as holiday homes by wealthy people from the city.

Living in Zandvoort znvrtselaan 1920w

Many of these houses have been beautifully renovated, while retaining authentic details. These homes are also very popular, they are truly typical 'Zandvoort homes'.

Living in Zandvoort costs lost 1920w


Vissershuisje1 1920w

In the center of Zandvoort you will find old fisherman's houses. “Houses where entire families used to live, sometimes with as many as 12 children and grandparents, have now been beautifully renovated or merged,” says Nick ten Broeke. In the center you will find the houses at Swaluestraat, Rozenobelstraat and Pakveldstraat. When you renovate there, you often find old wooden planks from fishing boats, which were used to build the house at the time.”

LivinginZandvoortZuidbuurt 1920w

The Zuidbuurt, with the streets around Schelpenplein, is a pleasant and popular neighborhood with beautiful homes. Also on the other side of Haltestraat you will find nice streets with authentic homes, such as in Schoolstraat, Willemstraat, Kanaalweg, Koningstraat and Diaconiehuisstraat.

Living in Zandvoort Willemstraat 1920w

The Parkbuurt, around the Watertoren, with Westerparkstraat and Oosterparkstraat, but also Zuiderstraat and Paradijsweg, is also a beautiful and popular neighborhood. Close to the beach, many nice different homes and pleasant streets. “The Marisstraat is very popular with Amsterdam residents, young people/families who love water sports. “You live here directly behind the South Boulevard and can easily walk to the sea with your board under your arm. Many homes on this street have sea views from the top floor.”

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Other beautiful and popular neighborhoods are Het Groene Hart and Vogelbuurt. Het Groene Hart is the residential area of Zandvoort. A tree-lined neighborhood with beautiful houses with large gardens. You will find the houses on Emmaweg, Van Stolbergweg, Wilhelminaweg and Regentesseweg. The Vogelbuurt is a post-war neighborhood located between the Haarlemmerstraat and the Zuidduinen, with streets such as Fazantenstraat, Patrijzenstraat and Vinkenstraat. The houses on Frans Zwaanstraat and Cort van der Lindenstraat are located directly on the dunes. This district is very close to the Zuidduinen and the Amsterdamse Waterleidingduinen, a unique nature reserve up to Noordwijk.

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North of the railway you will find the Resistance District, a new housing estate built around 2000. This district is also popular and has, among other things, an inland waterway. Oud Noord is also a neighborhood that is becoming increasingly popular. It is the part of North that is still close to the center of Zandvoort. Nieuw Noord is also booming. This district is somewhat separate from the rest of Zandvoort, has its own shopping area and is home to a number of companies: such as Airforce, Spaarnelanden, The Academy, the warehouses of the beach bars and beach houses and the office of Eigenwijs Makelaars. More and more new-build homes are being built in this district, including commercial properties (home & business premises).


Various new construction projects are currently underway in Zandvoort, including around and in the Water Tower, the Badhuisplein, a residential tower at the Circuit and various projects in Nieuw-Noord.


“Zandvoort has really changed in recent years,” says Nick ten Broeke of Eigenwijs Makelaars. “Zandvoort has become a popular place to live for young families. The prejudices that people often have disappear as soon as they get to know it better. Often they are water sports enthusiasts, but sometimes not. Zandvoort is also simply a wonderful place to raise your children. There are good schools (in Zandvoort and the surrounding area), social safety, lots of nature, good train connections with Amsterdam and Haarlem and many houses offer the option of a guesthouse.”


JUNE 2023

This blog was created in collaboration with Stubborn Real Estate Agents.


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