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It's so nice to grow up by the sea. That is why you see more and more families choosing Zandvoort. In Zandvoort you will find several daycare centers, BSOs, primary schools and a secondary school. There are also sports, dance, swimming, surfing and DJ schools. Below an overview. 


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You will find various daycare centers, playgroups and after-school care centers in Zandvoort:


  • Skip Zandvoort: Down Skip Zandvoort This includes 2 daycare centers, 2 after-school care centers and a playgroup. Small scale, nature experience and quality are central to all these locations. You will find Pippeloentje daycare center just behind Zandvoortselaan, beautifully surrounded by greenery. You can also go here for Pipkids, the after-school care. Another location is Pluk, in Zandvoort-Noord. In the 'De Golf' building (which also houses several primary schools and the child health clinic) you will find the 't Stekkie playgroup and the Skippers after-school care centre. Skip always organizes a summer and a winter party for all the kids and their parents.
  • Dribbel: In primary school Oranje Nassauschool (ONS) in Zandvoort-Zuid you will find childcare Dribbel Zandvoort, consisting of a playgroup and BSO Dribbel Actief, intended for children up to group 5 of the ONS. This daycare uses a classroom in the ONS with its own playground surrounded by the dunes and with lots of play areas.  
  • Ducky Duck: Closer to the center of Zandvoort and next to the primary schools Hannie Schaft and Mariaschool, you will find Child center Ducky Duck. This includes Ducky Duck Daycare, BSO Ducky Club and BSO Duck Sport. You will also find Rakker toddler care here.
  • Hannie Schaft playgroup: You will find it in the Blue Tram building (where the library is also located). Hannie Schaft playgroup.
  • Blos Overveen: along the Zeeweg in Overveen you will find a beautiful branch of Blos BSO.


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There are five primary schools in Zandvoort:


  • The school: De School is a unique school in Zandvoort. The School works with individual education completely tailored to the wishes of the child and flexible teaching times. A school of which there are only a few in the Netherlands and where parents sometimes even move to Zandvoort especially for this. The school is located in the 'De Golf' building in Zandvoort-Noord and is surrounded by dunes. Read more in the blog I wrote about The School.
  • Oranje Nassauschool (ONS): popular school in Zandvoort-Zuid near the dunes.
  • Hannie Schaft School: public primary school in the center of Zandvoort.
  • Mariaschool: Catholic school in the center of Zandvoort.
  • The Sea Spark: public primary school in the 'De Golf' building in Zandvoort-Noord, surrounded by dunes.

Some children from Zandvoort go to primary schools in Aerdenhout (SAB SchoolTijo van EeghenVondelschool) or Haarlem (Free School Kleverpark).


There is one secondary school in Zandvoort, it Wim Gertenbach College. A small-scale school where everyone knows each other's names. You can go here for MAVO, learning support education (LWOO) and lower HAVO.


For the other secondary schools, the children go by (E-)bike or by bus to Haarlem, Heemstede or sometimes even Driehuis. They often cycle together in groups via the Visserspad or the tram track through the dunes.


In Zandvoort you will find many gyms for children. There is the Zandvoortsche Hockey Club (or Red-White in Aerdenhout) and the football club SV Zandvoort. You can take swimming lessons at center ParcsThe Driver or Bubbles in Nieuw-Unicum, at Swim & Fun (also Sea Clinics on the beach about swimming in the sea). On The Dance Academy you can learn to dance. And with DJ school Beats at the Beach you can learn how to become a DJ. 2 golf clubs, the prestigious Kennemer Golf Club and the public Golf Club The Dunes.


In the summer you can take surfing lessons for kids at various places on the beach, or participate in one of the many Surf Camps that are organized, for example at The Spot, Surfana, North Sea Watersports or PepSports. There are two golf clubs: the prestigious Kennemer Golf Club and the public Golf Club The Dunes. You can take skating lessons at the ice rink in Haarlem. And skiing SnowWorld Amsterdam in Velsen-Zuid. Unfortunately, there are no padel courts in Zandvoort yet (but there are in Overveen), but there are initiatives for that.

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Real estate agent Nick ten Broeke van Stubborn Real Estate Agents notices that more and more families from Amsterdam and Haarlem are choosing Zandvoort. "Zandvoort is a wonderful place to grow up. It is a small-scale village, where you quickly get to know a lot of people. With lots of nature, the beach like a big sandbox, many opportunities for water sports, and - when the children are older - fun part-time jobs at the beach bars."




This blog was created in collaboration with Eigenwijs Makelaars. 


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