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Nick ten Broeke van Stubborn Real Estate Agents has been active as a real estate agent in Zandvoort and the surrounding area for over 18 years. A real estate agent who lives up to his name and does business in a stubborn way. We were allowed to come and have a look at his beautiful new office in Zandvoort-Noord. 


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The new office of Eigenwijs Makelaar is located on an industrial estate in Zandvoort-Noord. It is stylishly decorated by Nick ten Broeke and his wife Marije (known for her guesthouse Suite Suite). “But our customers don't actually come here, we always see them on location, at the houses themselves, both when selling and purchasing during viewings. Everything goes online these days. I only invite the customers here when the purchase agreement is signed,” says Nick ten Broeke.


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Why this beautiful office? “I like industrial estates. It is always quiet and there is more space, easily accessible and more parking options. So when I was given this opportunity, the choice to move from the Grote Krocht to this place was quickly made. We were able to determine the interior completely ourselves, so that we could really create something beautiful out of it. What your company looks like also says something about how you work: sleek, careful and neat.”

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Nick ten Broeke started from home about 18 years ago. He worked in the corporate world at the time, but due to his son's disability he wanted to work close to home. “People always told me that a real estate agent was something for me, so I just started.” The garage at home quickly became too small, so he moved to a building on the Grote Krocht in the center of Zandvoort (the garage has now become a guesthouse Suite Suite). “We are no longer in a visible location in the village, but that is not a problem, because everything is done online anyway. And this area is really developing. It's fun to be part of that.” 


Eigenwijs Makelaars – the name says it all – does everything a little differently. Eigenwijs Makelaars is not a member of the NVM. “I don't believe in that,” says Nick ten Broeke, “it's a false sense of security. We are completely independent.” Eigenwijs has many entrepreneurs as customers, for both residential and commercial properties. “We understand each other, have the same mentality and like to tackle things.”


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Nick ten Broeke has seen Zandvoort really change in recent years. Years ago he still had to explain a lot about Zandvoort, but fortunately nowadays that is less and less (thanks to Liefs from Zandvoort, according to Nick). “You can actually see it in the beach bars, they are always ahead of the rest. The standard of the beach pavilions has improved so much in recent years. Ubuntu was the driving force for this at the time. The arrival of F1 has also done a lot for Zandvoort. Very nice to see that Zandvoort is developing so much.” In the photo of Zandvoort that Nick has hanging in his office, you can clearly see how Zandvoort is surrounded by nature on all sides.


JUNE 2023

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Nick ten Broeke

Hertzstraat 1 - Zandvoort

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