The local bistro

Also a cozy backyard


You really don't have to go on holiday to feel like you are in France or to enjoy delicious French food. Just come to Zandvoort! At The Local Bistro they have the tastiest authentic French bistro dishes and you can dine in the garden on beautiful summer evenings. A nice atmosphere and delicious food in this - newly renovated - cozy restaurant.

JUST RENOVATED IN FRENCH STYLE TheLocalBistroRestaurantZandvoort30 960w The Local Bistro has undergone a facelift in the past month. Everything has become a little fresher, hipper and sleeker, without losing sight of the French atmosphere. For example, there are beautiful ceramic cigals (crickets) hanging on the wall, which the owners themselves brought from Provence. There are beautiful – personally selected – French wines. The atmosphere of the building and the use of color also has a French feel. You really feel like you're in France here.

AUTHENTIC BISTRO DISHES TheLocalBistroZandvoortRestaurant2 960w

Especially when the food comes to the table: French onion soup, bisque, escargot, steak tartare with the starters. Entrecôte, tournedos, rack of lamb, prawns or varying fish of the day with the main courses. And – not to forget – the delicious French desserts: crème brulee, crepe Suzette, Dame Blanche or Burgundian cheese. Everything prepared with fresh seasonal products and served with a nice French wine. Children are also welcome. For them there is a steak or fish with fries on the menu. MEDITERRANEAN GARDEN

TheLocalBistroZandvoortRestaurant3 960w

A nice surprise is that The Local Bistro also has a cozy backyard where you can enjoy a delicious dinner on beautiful summer evenings. Under the bunches of grapes surrounded by lavender and French ceramics, you will forget that you are on the Dutch coast. Inside you can also enjoy sitting in the restaurant, at the bar (covered with about 5,000 5-cent coins) or in the conservatory.

FOR LOCALS AND NON-LOCALS TheLocalBistroZandvoortRestaurant5 960w

The nice atmosphere, the beautiful location, the personal attention and the delicious food attract many locals, but also more and more tourists and people from the region, such as Aerdenhout, Overveen, Haarlem, Heemstede and Amsterdam. A pleasant change if you don't want to eat on the beach.

IN THE CENTER OF ZANDVOORT TheLocalBistroRestaurantZandvoort20 960w

The Local Bistro can be found in the center of Zandvoort, not far from the station and the boulevard. It is best to park at the station.   The Local Bistro Zeestraat 38 Open: Mon, Thurs, Fri, Sat & Sun from 5:30 PM - 12:00 AM T: 023-576 76 93 LOVE FROM ZANDVOORT,