Walking in Zandvoort

A beautiful route along the beach


You can take the most beautiful walks in and around Zandvoort. Not only on the beach towards Noordwijk or IJmuiden, but also in the dunes around it and in the village along the old fishermen's houses. Below you will find tips for beautiful walks. Order our Zandvoort Take-Away Walk: a beautiful route along the beach, through the dunes and the village. Take awayWalkduin 1920w


Most people come to Zandvoort for a walk on the beach. Get a breath of fresh air by the sea. Always good, rain or shine. Dogs can run around and kids can enjoy the sea with their boots on, fly a kite, play football or build sand castles. If you really want a brisk walk, you can walk to Noordwijk (17 km) or to IJmuiden (8 km) or simply along the entire Zandvoort coast, from the Zuidstrand to Bloemendaal.


South of Zandvoort, between Zandvoort and Noordwijk, you will find the beautiful nature reserve Noordvoort. It is a resting area for animals that live near the beach and dunes. Pure nature, no fences or garbage bins, free play of wind, sand and water. A resting place for birds and a place where seals can come ashore. The area is indicated with poles in the sea and in the dunes.


You are not allowed to walk on the beach between posts 71 and 73, but you are allowed to walk through the dunes, on the foredune. And that is unique in the Netherlands. This area is so beautiful and special. And with a bit of luck you will see a seal. From Tijn Akersloot you can walk across the beach to this area in about 1 hour, and you can get there by bike through the dunes in about 15-20 minutes.

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The Amsterdam Water Supply Dunes are so special. You always see deer, often when you enter the nature reserve. But many people also come there to see and photograph foxes. You will also see special birds, such as kingfishers or the cormorant colony. The nice thing about the Amsterdam Waterleidingduinen is that you can wander, so you can get off the paths. Then there is so much more to discover. There are also many bunkers from the Second World War in the area.  


The Amsterdam Water Supply Dunes four entrances. In Zandvoort you can enter the nature reserve at the entrance on Zandvoortselaan, but also via the parking lot in Zandvoort P-Zuid and via the dunes behind the Zuidstrand. You do need an entrance ticket for the area, which you can only buy in Zandvoort at the entrance on Zandvoortselaan. At Zandvoortselaan you can go to Dune aan de Duinrand for take-away. Other entrances are Panneland and the Oase (with visitor center) in Vogelenzang and the De Zilk entrance in De Zilk. You can also find take-away here. Are you going to one of the entrances in Vogelenzang? Then it is also nice to go to Buitenplaats Plantage. There is a nice organic store and take-away here from Thu-Sun.


You can go hiking yourself, off the trails, or choose from one of the 14 beautiful routes. From Zandvoortselaan you can reach the White Route (4 km) or the Green Route (7 km) walk, or the Bunker Route of 5 km. This will take you about 1.5 hours. Very nice walk with high peaks and distant views. Also fun with children. If you really want a tough walk, you can do that too Walk 30 km through the dunesIt takes about 6 hours and can be started from any entrance.

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you will find in the Zuid-Kennemerland National Park dozens of walks from different entrances. From Zandvoort it is most convenient to use the entrances at Koevlak, visitor center on the Zeeweg, and Parnassia. But you can also enter these dunes in various places in Zandvoort itself. For example at the Visscherspad, at the Noordduinen near the Circuit and on the Blinkertweg. In this area you can take very nice walks, for example around the Vogelmeer. Along the way you will see the wildlife of the Kennemer dunes: Scottish Highlanders, Konik horses and bison. For take-away you can go to Parnassia aan Zee at the Parnassia entrance and you will find the Duincafe at the visitor center.

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It is also very nice to walk through the old center of Zandvoort. Here you will come across beautiful old fishermen's houses, also called sloppies. But there are also beautiful old villas, summer houses with bay windows and modern architecture. For example, walk through Schoolstraat, Koningstraat, Pakveldstraat, Buureweg, Schelpenplein and Zuidbuurt and Haarlemmerstraat.


You can also take all these walks from the station in Zandvoort. From here you can walk to the beach (2 minutes) and to the dune areas (10 minutes).