Wild picking workshops in Zandvoort - 2022

You will find the program below


Every season we organize Liefs uit Zandvoort together with herbalist Corina Busman from Groen Vitaal Wild picking Workshops in the Zandvoort Dunes. You will then learn what edible plants grow in the dunes and what they do for your health. Different plants and herbs receive attention every season. In the spring the spring herbs, in September the sea buckthorn berries and rose hips and in November herbs and plants for making tea. You will find the program below. You can order tickets via our webshop



During the Wildpluk Workshops, Corina will show you which edible herbs and plants grow in the Zandvoort Dunes. These superfoods from the dunes are packed with vitamins and help your health all year round. Corina tells you all about it and lets you taste the different plants and herbs. She also gives practical tips on how to use them in dishes, such as smoothies, salads or pestos. You will also work on this yourself during the workshops. We have already organized the workshops several times and always receive very enthusiastic responses. The workshops start from the Zuidduinen in Zandvoort at the Amsterdamse Waterleidingduinen (parking at P-Zuid/entrance Amsterdamse Waterleidingduinen).

MARCH: SPRING HERBS FROM THE DUNES Wild pickingWorkshopSpring herbs2 1920w

During this Wild Picking Workshop in the spring, you and Corina will look for the spring herbs that grow in the Zandvoort Dunes. These are often herbs that help you cleanse your body to get rid of the waste products that you have retained during the winter months. Consider, for example, nettle or yarrow. But there are also herbs that are packed with vitamins and minerals and boost your resistance, such as winter purslane. During the workshop you will make your own smoothie or pesto from spring herbs. If you would like to know more about this or go into the dunes yourself, please order from us E-Booklet Superfoods from the Dunes (you will receive this booklet for free when you participate in the workshop).

  • Costs: € 35.00 including VAT & E-booklet Superfoods from the Duinen worth € 5.95.
  • Number of persons: max. 12
  • Tickets via the webshop

THESE WORKSHOPS HAVE NOW TOOK PLACE. Would you like to stay informed about new workshops in the spring of 2023? Then send an email to [email protected].

SEPTEMBER 9, 2022: SEABUCKETBERRY & ROSEHIPWild picking WorkshopSea buckthorn berry2 1920w

In September the (Zandvoort) dunes turn orange from the beautiful sea buckthorn berries. Some bitter berries that are packed with Vitamin C and are therefore great to eat. You also see rose hips growing everywhere, these are also real vitamin bombs. Both prepare your body for the winter months. During the workshop you will harvest sea buckthorn berries and rose hips yourself and make an elixir from the sea buckthorn berries.


NOVEMBER 18: TEA WILD PLUGGING WORKSHOPWildplukWorkshopTheeuitdeDuinen2 1920wDuring this Wildpluk Workshop you will go specifically looking for plants and herbs that you can use to make tea, for example the Scots pine, the hawthorn berry and the rose hip. Corina tells you all about the powers of twigs and berries. During the workshop you will also mix your own tea from herbs that you can find in the Zandvoort Dunes. You can take this tea home with you and help you stay healthy through the winter months. Together with Corina I also developed one Herbal tea from the Zandvoort Dunes, which you can buy at various places in Zandvoort. 



In addition to herbalist Corina letting you taste plants, herbs and berries, she also tells you all about the wild picking rules. You are not allowed to pick just anywhere. And if you pick somewhere, it is only for your own use. Corina therefore brings many herbs and plants from her own garden or that she has purchased organically during the workshops.


Are you interested in a Wildpluk Workshop for your company, team or group of friends? Please contact me for the options: [email protected].