Fun things for kids in bad weather

Below are a few tips


Of course, the weather can also be bad... What should you do in Zandvoort? Going to the beach can also be fun during storms and rain. Then warm up or dry by the fireplace, with a hot chocolate. But there are also other fun things to do in and around Zandvoort. Below are a few tips and more on our out tips

JUTTERSMU-ZEE-UMBeachcombers MuseumKidsZandvoort 1920wIf you are in Zandvoort with children, you should definitely visit the Beachcombers Museum. Entrance to this small museum is free and there is plenty to see. It's fun to fantasize with your children about the story behind the objects that have washed up on the beach. There is also a pirate ship (with real treasures!) for children to play in. There are also a few aquariums with sea fish. 


Strandweg 2Wed 1.30pm-4pm, Sat + Sun 12pm-4pm 

Free entrance

ZANDVOORTS MUSEUMZandvoortsMuseumDoenmetkids 1920wThe Zandvoorts Museum is also fun to visit with children. It is a small and well-organized museum where children can just take a look around. Below you can see what the old Zandvoort fishermen's houses looked like from the inside. A grocery store has also been recreated. Upstairs is the Kees de Muis house for the little one. Always a great success. 


Swaluestraat 1

Zandvoort aan Zee

Open: Tue-Sun 10am-5pm

KENNEMERDUNEN VISITORS CENTERDuincafe 2BVisitor center 2BKennemerduinen 2BDoen 2Bwith 2Bkids 1920wThe Visitor Center of Zuid-Kennemerland National Park is a fun place to go with children. Is on your doorstep a nice playground and from here you can do treasure hunts or - often during the holidays - participate in special excursions for children. But children can also have fun indoors. There are a number of stuffed animals, such as a bison (which also roam the area), a deer and a fox. These can simply be petted. There are also often exhibitions and educational games about nature. On the back wall you will find a nice game wall for the little ones, see photo. It is also located in the visitor center Dune cafe, where you can have a delicious (organic) breakfast, lunch, drink coffee or eat pancakes. 


Visitor center + DuincafeZeeweg 12


EAT PAN CAKESPiratePancakesZandvoortKids 1920wYou can usually make children happy with a tasty pancake and these restaurants often also have nice play corners or playgrounds. READ HERE WHERE YOU CAN EAT PANCAKES IN ZANDVOORT AND THE AREA.  

AQUA MUNDOAquaMundoCenterParcsZandvoort 1920w

It is available at the Center Parcs holiday park in Zandvoort indoor and outdoor swimming pool Aqua Mundo. You can go here, even if you are not staying in the park. Aqua Mundo has a wave pool and small pools with slides for the little ones. There is also a spectacular whitewater course, a fast river of 116 meters. So also fun to go with big kids. 


Vondellaan 60 - Zandvoort

You can buy a day ticket here.

JUMPTOWNJumpTownCenterParcsParkZandvoort 1920wYou will also find the trampoline park at Center Parcs Jump Town. You can also go here if you are not staying in the park. 


Trompstraat 2 - Zandvoort

You can buy a day ticket here. 

BALUBABalubaCenterParcsParkZandvoort 1920w

And you will find the Baluba indoor playground at Center Parcs. Kids will have fun there for hours and you can have a nice coffee there.



Trompstraat 2 - Zandvoort

You can buy a day ticket here.

THEATER FOR THE LITTLE CHILDREN AT THEATER ELSWOUTTheaterElswoutZandvoortDoenmetkids 1920wTheater Elswout is a nice little theater on the Elswout estate, a 10-minute drive from Zandvoort. Beautiful surroundings and beautiful road to it. The theater is for everyone from 0 to 100 years old, but especially fun for the little ones. Because it is so small-scale, it is very personal and children are actively involved in the performance. Success guaranteed. View the agenda for current performances


Elswoutslaan 24-A - Overveen

SOLVING MYSTERIES AT ESCAPE ROOM ZANDVOORTEscape2BRoom2BZandvoort2BGrand2BPrix 1920wAt Escape Room Zandvoort, some rooms are suitable for children aged 12 and over. For example, the Grand Prix room where you imagine yourself in the world of Formula 1. Together with your family or relatives (2-6 people) you take on the challenge of solving all kinds of puzzles and mysteries. In this case around the last race of the season, the Zandvoort Grand Prix. During the game you have to be creative and resourceful, think logically and work together a lot! This way you also get to know each other in a different way. 


Burg. Engelbertsstraat 96 - Zandvoort

ENJOY READING AT ZANDVOORT LIBRARYZandvoort LibraryDoenmetkidsbadweather 1920wIt is also located in the center of Zandvoort the library. Here you can not only borrow books, but also just enjoy reading books. There is a large reading table with magazines and newspapers for adults. There are nice seating areas for children and of course plenty of books to choose from. To read or to read from. There is also a kind of large iPad, a table with a touchscreen. You can make beautiful drawings or play games on this. 


There is of course also a lot to do for kids in and around Haarlem. I only focus on Zandvoort on this website. On the Mugjes website I always find the best tips for Haarlem and the surrounding area.