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SLEEPING BY THE SEA What could be better than waking up by the sea or in the dunes, within walking distance of the beach? Below are a few of those wonderful places in Zandvoort.

BOUTIQUE APARTMENTS BOULEVARD 5 HotelBoulevard5 1920w This cozy hotel on the boulevard at the South Beach is a really wonderful place to spend the night. It is located right on the sea and you have a sea view from all nine rooms. The rooms are beautifully and freshly decorated, almost all have a veranda or balcony and are available in different sizes, also suitable for a family. The hotel café feels like a living room. Here you can have breakfast, lunch, coffee or other drinks. From the sunny terrace you can experience the pleasant hustle and bustle of the boulevard.   BOULEVARD 5

Boulevard Paulus Loot 5

BEACHHOUSE HOTEL MainBeachHouse 1920w The Beachhouse Hotel is actually the only hotel in Zandvoort that is located directly on the beach. From the Seaside rooms you have a beautiful view of the sea and the beach with the nice beach houses that are located between Zandvoort and Bloemendaal aan Zee. What could be better than watching the sunset from your bed, nice in the summer with the French doors wide open! From the hotel you can easily walk to the beach bars on the North Beach in Zandvoort or those in Bloemendaal aan Zee.   


Boulevard Barnaart 59E

QURIOS ZANDVOORT Qurios 2BZandvoort 2Bovernachten 1920w Qurios' newest park has been located in the dunes of Zandvoort since July 2019, between the Circuit and the beach. Spread among the dunes there are about 100 modern luxury dune villas with large windows and lots of wood. Wouldn't you want to live in a house like that? From your house you cross the dune and walk to the beach and the beach bars on the North Beach. The village is a little further away, but also easy to walk. The beach cottages are all very nicely furnished, with particular attention to sustainability. Read more about Qurios Zandvoort here.  


Boulevard Barnaart 30

BUDDHA BEACH BUNGALOWS Buddha2BBeach2BZandvoort2BOvernachten2B1 1920w You can also sleep on the beach at Buddha Beach beach tent from summer 2019. The bungalows have exotic names such as Mambo, Jibe, Sojo and Kokomo and, in addition to a double bed, have a living room (with a sofa bed), an open kitchen with dishwasher and a private terrace. The glass facade also gives you a beautiful view of the sea from inside. And it has underfloor heating! So it's a great place to stay here, even on colder days.  


Boulevard Barnaart 20A

BEACH BUNGALOWS AT BEACH 21 Beach 2B21 2Bhuisjes 2Bop 2Bhet 2Bstrand 2BZandvoort 1920w 1920w

Since the spring of 2020, there have been nine beach bungalows at Strandpaviljoen Strand 21. Lovely houses on the beach with their own terrace. Beautifully and freshly decorated and even with four sleeping places! A nice double bed and a bunk bed. So you can spend the night here with your family. So nice to be on the beach all day! All bungalows have a refrigerator, microwave and kettle. You can have breakfast, lunch and dinner at the beach bar next door or one of the other beach bars in the area.


Boulevard Barnaart Strandafgang 21 - Zandvoort

ENJOY SEAVIEW APARTMENTS Enjoy2BSeview2BApartments2BZandvoort2Bex2B2 1920w

Bee EnJoy Seaview Apartments you will find beautiful and fully furnished apartments with sea views that are also centrally located in the village. The apartments can be found in various apartment complexes in Zandvoort near Badhuisplein. One of the apartments is even located on the 12th floor, so you can see very far. On clear days you can see Huis ter Duin in Noordwijk, but also The Hague and sometimes even Rotterdam. READ MORE ABOUT ENJOY SEAVIEW APARTMENTS HERE.

CAMPING DE DUINRAND Camping2BDuinrust2BOvernights2BZandvoort 1920w Do you have a camper with its own facilities? Then you can also spend the night in Zandvoort with a view of the sea! You are actually standing in the parking spaces on the boulevard, between Zandvoort and Bloemendaal aan Zee. Camping De Duinrand has a number of places available here all year round where you can stay for a maximum of 3 nights. Super fun, right?  


Boulevard Barnaart 68

CAMPING DE LAKENS Camping2Bde2BLakens2BZandvoort2Bovernachten2B1 1920w You can camp at Camping De Lakens in Bloemendaal aan Zee in 2020. Luxurious overnight stays in fully equipped De Waardtenten, a Seashack (photo), a Beach Lodge - complete with cooking island and Nespresso machine - or a Beach Bus. But fortunately there are also Backpackshacks and places to camp with your own tent or camper. The campsite is so popular that you have to be there in time to make a reservation. If you are unable to book something there, you are always welcome at the Gestrand restaurant (with a nice playground), so that you still get something of the 'De Lakens feeling'.  


Zeeweg 60 – Bloemendaal aan Zee

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