Weekend in Zandvoort

Both with nice weather and with less nice weather


WEEKEND TO ZANDVOORT: DISCOVER ZANDVOORT WITH TIPS FROM LOCALS What can you do if you are in Zandvoort for a day, a few days, a weekend or a week? Enough to do! Both with nice weather and with less nice weather. Here are our tips!

TO THE BEACH Beach tentZandvoortUbuntu1 1920w Of course, you come to Zandvoort primarily for the beach. Chill out, read a book, swim. Or take a walk on the beach. The beach is always nice, in good and bad weather. There are about 50 beach tents on the beaches of Zandvoort and Bloemendaal, something for everyone! Wonderful places where you can eat something, have a drink and enjoy the sea view or a beautiful sunset. But you can also sit by the fireplace when the weather is bad, or do yoga or rent a board. READ MORE ABOUT THE BEST BEACH TENTS HERE (Pictured: Ubuntu).

TAKE A SURFLESS OR RENT A BOARD MoanaKitsurfing school 1920w

It's always time to get out on the water, except during heavy storms. Is the sea flat? Then go supping. Rent a board or take a lesson. Are there any good waves? Then learn to wave surf. And when there is a lot of wind you can enjoy kiting. You can still do this even when the weather is bad and it rains, you will still get wet in the sea! Most surf schools are located at a beach bar, nice places to hang out afterwards. READ MORE ABOUT THE SURFING SCHOOLS IN ZANDVOORT HERE (In the photo: Moana Kitesurfing School).

WHAT IS THERE TO DO IN ZANDVOORT? IconZenzoYogaSummerRetreat 1920w

There is always plenty to do in Zandvoort, at the beach bars or in the village. By our OUTPUT TIPS you can see what there is to do when you are in Zandvoort. View the current agenda.

COFFEE IN THE VILLAGE Noble 2BTree 2BCafe 2BZandvoort 2B8 1920w The beach is nice, but be sure to visit the village. Here you will find nice streets with beautiful old fishermen's houses. You will find it right in the center, on the Raadhuisplein new healthy food café Noble Tree. A beautiful place with a large terrace where you can have a delicious (healthy) breakfast or lunch and drink your own delicious roast coffee. Another nice place for a good coffee is Blue Zone Espresso in the Haltestraat. Here you can get a delicious New Zealand roast coffee, because the owners are from New Zealand. In our winter they enjoy the summer in their own country, during the Dutch summer months they can be found here. You can also enjoy it here having breakfast, have lunch or order delicious homemade - New Zealand style - cakes. READ MORE HERE ABOUT THE NICE COFFEE STEPS IN THE VILLAGE.


Zandvoort is known for its small personal shops. For example, in a side street of the Kerkstraat you will find the beautiful shop of florist Hanneke Voit. Located in an old fisherman's house and therefore worth a visit. Nice to see such a house from the inside. Here you will find beautiful flowers and the most beautiful local (handmade) items that all have a link with the beach and the sea. VandenBergSurfZandvoort 1920w Another nice store to visit is Nalu Skate & Surf Shop or Van den Berg Surf (photo above). Here you will find everything for the beach. From surfboards and skateboards to beach towels, (healthy) sunscreen and bikinis. But also beautiful and sustainable beachy clothing. BoudoirbySara 1920w You will find the nicest bracelets, anklets and earrings Boudoir by Sara in the Haltestraat. A small clothing store, beauty salon and nail salon in one. Here you can shop beautiful brands such as Anna + Nina, Aaiko, Atelier des Femmes, Fabienne Chapot and Ilse Jacobsen. READ MORE HERE ABOUT THE BEST SHOPS IN ZANDVOORT.

TO A MUSEUM HDMZ Museum Zandvoort Sneak preview 1920w Is the weather not so good, or do you want something different? Zandvoort has a number of small museums that are fun to visit. For example, in March 2020, the HDMZ Museum opened in a modern building in the center of Zandvoort. In addition to a special exhibition, you can also see a panoramic film about Zandvoort here, which beautifully portrays the history of Zandvoort. But you can also go to the Zandvoorts Museum, the Beachcombers Museum or the exhibition in the Visitor Center at the Kennemerduinen. READ MORE ABOUT THE MUSEUMS IN ZANDVOORT HERE. DEER WATCHING Amsterdamse2BWaterleidingduinen2BHerten 1920w You really can't leave Zandvoort without taking a walk or a bike ride through the beautiful dunes. Here you can spot deer, foxes or bison. Both the Amsterdam Water Supply Dunes (walk alone) if it South Kennemerland National Park  (cycling and walking) are special nature reserves. Fun excursions are also organized here, you can find more information on the links above. DuincafeKennemerduinenZandvoortKoffiettjes 1920w Both nature reserves have cozy restaurants where you can eat and drink something after your walk: Dune on the Dune Edge at the Amsterdamse Waterleidingduinen and the organic Duincafe (photo above) in the Kennemerduinen Visitor Center.

DOING FUN THINGS WITH KIDS  Kids Stranded Playground Zandvoort 1920w

There is also plenty to do in and around Zandvoort with children. READ MORE HERE about the best beach bars for kids, playgrounds in and around Zandvoort, where you can eat pancakes, take surfing lessons, fun theaters and what you can do when the weather is bad. In the photo: Playground at Restaurant Stranded at Camping De Lakens.

VISITING THE CIRCUIT BerniesBar26KitchenZandvoort 1920w

Nice to take a look at the Circuit when you are in Zandvoort. You can also go here if you want to go racing, in real life or in a simulator. Or go to the Escape Room in Zandvoort. Here you can also play the Grand Prix of Zandvoort. READ MORE ABOUT FORMULA 1 IN ZANDVOORT HERE.


From Zandvoort you can also easily reach Haarlem or Amsterdam. Both cities are easily accessible by train. You can be in Haarlem in 10 minutes, in Amsterdam in 30 minutes. You can find nice tips about Haarlem at Haarlem City Blog, about Amsterdam on the website of I Amsterdam

Spend the night in ZANDVOORT HotelBoulevard5 1920w

Are you looking for a nice hotel, a nice guesthouse or a nice place by the sea? View on Spend the night in ZANDVOORT for all the nice places.